Insular Life is a brand I trust. Who could not trust a company that has been there for 103 years? It has practically been in existence since the time of my great grandparents and even their parents. It is important for an insurance company to be credible and I think that how it endured different economic crises is a proof that it can stand the test of time. With that strength and stability, they endured 103 years without having any brand endorser.

Although for this year, they launched a campaign with their first ever endorser and it was a great choice indeed! They welcomed Lea Salonga as Insular Life’s new brand ambassador. I loved it that Ms. Amy Tamayo, Insular Life’s FVP for Marketing and Agency Support division shared the story that when she was asked by upper management that she couldn’t get Lea, then what happens. She said, they wouldn’t get anyone else. That, I believe, was a really good decision. The choice of an endorser is very crucial since they will represent your brand and their name will forever be associated with the company’s name.

Lea Salonga is a world class talent, which is apt since Insular Life’s services are also ‘world class’. I admire how a local company can go against their multinational competitors head on.

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For that press conference also, I got to learn about Insular Life’s advocacy which is spreading positivism. I think it’s very appropriate that I write about it here, since as you know, my theme for this month is being thankful for the little and mundane things in life. I think that when we are more aware of the things that we have and we are thankful for them, it gives us a more positive attitude. Insular Life helps promote positivism with its Magandang Araw Movement. they will launch this movement through, which will contain challenges of ‘good deeds’. All you have to do to participate is take a photo of you doing the good deed and upload it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram nd use the hashtag #InsularMovement, #magandangaraw. The movers of this campaign will get a chance to win prizes.

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This will be a good exercise for me as I intend to live ‘positively’ this 2014.

Another great news is that Insular Life introduced its own coffee blend, the Magandang Araw brew. The coffee is made by Roaster Juan’s of husband and wife, Lorenzo and Terri Reyes. My husband and I have been to their place and these two are really passionate about their coffee! The coffee that they will make will be served to individuals who want to know how to secure their future in Insular offices.

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There are many things in store for everyone this 2014 from Insular Life. As they say, Magandang Araw Ngayon, Magandang Araw Bukas. To end this post, I’d like to share this cute commercial! I love this commercial from Insular Life :)

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