“Mag-iiba na ako!” (I will change). For the better, of course. I’ve decided to combine my best habits and really try to start and continue doing these things. It has been 7 months, since I gave birth. The doctor said to wait six months before I could start working out again. I used to walk or run daily on the treadmill. I kept doing it even when I was 7 months pregnant.

It has been 9 months since I last stepped on the treadmill. Last week, I already started brisk walking. I can’t believe that I was panting 5 minutes into the session. I guess I really lost my rhythm.

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But that’s alright; I plan to gain it back anyway. This October, despite my busy schedule, I have gone on the treadmill three times! Yey! Okay, fine, it’s not something to be proud of, but I’m taking it slowly. I don’t want the milk that I produce for Baby Zeeka to deplete also. I’m still exclusively breastfeeding and I plan to keep at it and hopefully breast feed for 24 months.

So exercising is a habit that I want to revive and make into a habit again. Another habit that I want to continue is applying Bio-Oil. Yes, I know that this may sound too specific, but believe me! This product is amazing.

I started applying this product around a month ago. At that time, the skin of my legs was so dry that it looked so dull and lifeless. I could even write my own name! That was how dry it was. Another problem of mine was that my stretch marks were so dark. This is really a problem that most women have after they give birth, which they need to resolve. I was panicking because we were set to go on a trip to Boracay in November and I didn’t want to look hideous with all my stretch marks.

When I started using Bio-Oil, I had going to the beach at the back of my mind, so I really made it a point to follow the instructions and to apply Bio-Oil twice a day (in the morning and in the evening). This is what I have left of the product (huhuhu!). As early as now, I already have my mind set on buying another bottle.


I know that this is a cliché and I don’t really want to post before and after shots of myself or of parts of my body, but this instance is an exception. I really want you to know why I am raving about this product. After a month, this is how my skin looks now.

Before Shots

After Shots

I applied Bio-Oil on my tummy and on my legs for almost a month now and what I noticed was the skin on my leg was glowing. Can you imagine the skin of actors and actresses that seem to be glowing all the time? That was what happened to the skin on my legs. Although, the bigger scars that I have (I have three on my right leg) are still there. I think three more months on this product and these might lighten, too.

For the stretch marks on my tummy, I noticed that they became lighter as well. I will continue to use the product and hopefully come November, when it’s time to hit the beach, they will be non-existent!

What I like about Bio-Oil is that the oil is very light. I personally hate that icky feeling of other lotions and body oils. For Bio-Oil, I loved using it each day because it doesn’t give you that uncomfortable feeling. Also, it smells good!

I remember the reaction of my husband during the first time I used the product. I usually take a shower before my husband, and I would apply Bio-Oil while still in the bathroom, after taking a bath. When he entered the bathroom after me, he really noticed the smell and said ‘Wow! Ang banggo ah!’ (It smells good!). So, kudos to Bio-Oil for formulating such a sweet smelling product!

I will definitely buy this again and I will go for my second bottle. For those who messaged me on twitter and instagram, Bio-Oil is available at Mercury Drug and Watsons.

Did you have a similar experience with Bio-Oil? Do share it with me!

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