The biggest taxi hailing cab application is now in Manila and in 17 other countries all over the world. Easy Taxi was founded in Brazil in 2011. It started in Latin America then expanded to South East Asia in the past few years. It is continuously expanding, bringing this reliable application to other places in the world.

Check out the features of this amazing application:

Easy Taxi is a free application. It’s very easy to use. All you have to do is click on ‘Request taxi’ and set the location/address where you want to be picked up and brought to. A taxi driver will then confirm. After which, you just wait for the taxi with the indicated plate number to pick you up and you’re off!

I’m glad that it found its way to Manila and it came in a time when I think most of us are frustrated with traffic in the metropolis. We have all heard bad news about the safety of the taxi passengers being compromised when they take this form of transportation. And these bad news are not only about passengers, but we actually even hear news about taxi drivers being mugged and robbed. With all of these, fear of taking the taxi in Metro Manila is evident. Personally, I’m a frequent taxi passenger, but my relatives have been warning me and constantly reminding me to avoid taking taxis. I think that taking the taxi is the most convenient form of commuting and I prefer it over other means of transportation in Metro Manila, but every time I take it, I have to text my husband the ‘complete’ taxi details.

Easy Taxi Website

With Easy Taxi, I can just share the information using the application. And with the application, details of the driver are stored and even your booking so everything is traceable. In Manila, Easy Taxi launched around 4 months ago precisely to eliminate the fear of taking the taxi. They acquired the biggest fleet and the best drivers in Manila.  I was fortunate enough to interview Mr. Paul Malicki, Country Manager and the VP for Business Development of Easy Taxi.

In my interview, he said that Easy Taxi’s objective is really to acquire all the best drivers in Manila and to take them under their wing. Paul stresses that aside from trying to change the perception of taking the taxi here in the Philippines, they have incorporated a CSR (corporate social responsibility) aspect to Easy Taxi. They go a step further and take care of these taxi drivers who are part of Easy Taxi, either individually or through a fleet.

Interview with Paul Malicki of Easy Taxi

Interview with Paul Malicki of Easy Taxi

Paul says that they want to help these drivers in all aspects of their lives. I have to agree with him. A happy person makes a happy driver and a happy driver equates to a happy customer. Recently, Easy Taxi schedules a basketball game for their drivers. This was a family day of some sort for these drivers. Here’s a video of that event, where Mr. Mario Berta, Regional Managing Director of Easy Taxi stresses on their mission.

I asked Paul about their selection process. He mentions that Easy Taxi has a very stringent screening selection process. The drivers need to have updated documents and they need to submit all the required document. Also, they have to have a clear record. They also have to be the best in their fleet. Aside from the drivers, Easy Taxi assesses the cars. They see to it that it is in good condition and it’s well maintained. Paul says that drivers who pass the screening are given a smart phone. They are given a 40 minute training on how to use the device. In R&E, they actually have a permanent booth, where the drivers can go to ask questions.

I asked on what makes Easy Taxi different from its competitors. Pauls says that Easy Taxi is still the best in terms of customer service. They are also a global app which means that you can use the application in the countries where they are present. Also, they have a website application for partner establishments like hotels, etc. where the partner can order more than one taxi at the same time.

The application is free but for each ride, there is a top – up (in addition to the fare) fee of Php 70.00. I think this rate is a fair amount to pay for security and convenience.

Have you already tried using this application. How is it so far? What do you like about it? Do you have any comments and suggestions?

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