I love Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s weird because I never dreamed of becoming a doctor. I just find what they do so amazing. Doctors save lives and for me that’s truly admirable. Imagine my disbelief and the level of admiration that I have for an entrepreneur named Maria Christine Florendo-Dalisay. She is a full-time physician, doing specialty training in neurological surgery (very much like Dr. Grey), but she is also the proprietor of Love Signs. Her business is basically creating hand-painted signages and lovable crafts and souvenirs for events or for the home.

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She got married recently and her husband is an artist/designer behind the business. This couple surfs the net for ideas and inspiration during their free time. They love doing this just for the fun of it and oftentimes, Tin, as she is called, has her husband execute these ideas. It started by creating decorations for their home and then it eventually became their business.

“I could not say I am a full time entrepreneur because of the full time commitment required in my field, but I have my heart on this business because its just unique, lovely and exciting”, says Tin. “My husband helps me with the business and in the creation of products. I trust him because he has a lot of experience in managing a business and running a shop (aside from his expertise in being an artist). In a way, it’s a wonderful teamwork — I suggest ideas and set the pace, style, and direction of the business and he executes and provides feedback and guidance.”

Ginger: I love your business, Tin! I wish I were as creative as you and your husband. Can you tell me more about it?

Tin: Love Signs specializes in unique, custom, handmade, high-quality wood signs and other crafts for weddings, events and special occasions, and home decor. We offer a large variety of styles and colors appealing to everyone. All the signs and items are handmade with utmost attention to detail and color. You won’t be disappointed with the quality. We provide excellent handcrafted workmanship from start to finish.

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Ginger: That’s sounds amazing! I’ve seen your products, and I haven’t seen anything quite like it. In any case, what makes your products different from your competitors (if there is any competition)?

Tin: With Love Signs, we only do one thing and that is to create something unique and original, 100% customized, designed and styled to any preference. Anything Can be created from choices of wide array of materials from paper to metal. You can choose the color and finishes — whatever your heart desires. :)


Ginger: How did you come up with this idea? What made you decide to start this kind of business?

Tin: Actually, I had no plans in starting such business. When my husband and I was preparing for our wedding, I had so many creative styling ideas and I so love the idea of having wooden signs as part of the decors. I didn’t have the skills to do it and there were no shops available and capable of catering to my needs, so I told my husband-to-be (who, at first, seemed hesitant to do it) to create these things that I wanted. He made the items eventually, and it all came out alright. In a way, that’s what inspired us to start the business.

Ginger: Who is your market?

Tin: At first, our target market were couples who were planning their weddings, but we have developed to be very flexible and multimedia that we have a wide range of capabilities and product diversity that we could cater to any market needs — any events such as birthdays and occasions etc. We can create personal gifts, home décors, etc. We have also set product price ranges fit for any budget.


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Ginger: Do you need to have a particular skill for this type of business?

Tin: Creative skills and trend knowledge is the bread and butter of this type of business. In our business, the creative skill set, in particular, demanded from the artist is quite comprehensive. He/she should be versed in painting, carpentry, graphics design, etc. He should know how to manipulate wood or metal. The artist should be well-rounded, and of course, he should have a passion on providing utmost quality and workmanship.

Ginger: What do you enjoy about your business?

Tin: It is its uniqueness that we love so much. Nothing is like it. We very much enjoy seeing our products being enjoyed and admired by our clients.

Ginger: What would you advise people who want to get into this industry?

Tin: As my husband says, the creative industry is no joke. You should have the passion, intuition, logic, persistence and perseverance to endure. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Learn from them and always explore. And most importantly, take pride in quality and workmanship.

Ginger: How much are your products?

Tin: Our products and price ranges can be adjusted to fit any budget.

Ginger: Were there any obstacles that you faced when you decided to pursue becoming an entrepreneur? What are these?

Tin: I am not skilled at handling a business and do not have the experience. This was my challenge. I am just thankful for my husband who is there to guide and lead me. He has influenced me to be a good and persevering entrepreneur.

Ginger:What are three traits that you think an entrepreneur should have when starting their own business?

Tin: I think it would be: PATIENCE, COMMON SENSE, and PERSEVERANCE.

Ginger: Any unforgettable lesson that you learned as an Entrepreneur?

Tin: That it could be challenging, but can be fun as well… 

Ginger: What advice can you give to other Entrepreneurs?

Tin: Hang in there, love what you do, and be the best that you can be on your craft.

Ginger: Thank you so much, Tin! i enjoyed interviewing you :) I think you have such a unique business. More power to you and to your husband!

Love Signs Contact Details:
Email address: lovesignscebu@yahoo.com
Mobile Number: +639235346213
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/lovesignscebu
Twitter account: http://twitter.com/lovesignscebu
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/lovesignscebu
Instagram: @dimpled_babe : #lovesignscebu

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