Once you become a parent or once you learn that you will be one, your mind, heart and whole being instantly shifts to thinking of your well being into thinking about your child’s well being. I know of expecting couple friends who are not fond of reading, but when they found out that they were expecting, they picked up the book “What to Expect when your Expecting”. I know of friends who have no patience in sitting through a whole day lecture, but since they are now expecting a child, they become frequent goers to different parenting workshops and birthing classes.

Yes, you strive to learn more about how to raise your child and how to prepare for their future. I would love to help expecting couples by answering some questions that they have on parenting and on preparing for the future, but just like most of them, I am still learning the ropes. I still want to help though so what I did was I tapped experts who can answer all of our questions a parents and expecting parents and came up with the Parenting Pals Workshop series and the Mommy Finance Workshop.

On September 7, 2014, Manila Workshops will be at the Babyland Store at Shaw Boulevard for a full day of workshops. We have two workshops in store for you for that day.

Ready to Be Rich: The Mommy Finance Workshop

Ready to Be Rich Workshops: Mommy Finances

Ready to Be Rich Workshops: Mommy Finances

This workshop is for parents who would want answers to the following questions:
How can I save money if my income is just enough to support my family?
How do I teach my child to be financially smart?
How should I handle family members and relatives who constantly borrow money?
How do I manage my finances so it can support the medical expenses of my aging parents?
How can I invest if I’m too busy working and taking care of my children?
How do I secure the educational needs of my child?
How can I afford my dream house?
How should I prepare for retirement, so I won’t be dependent on my children when I grow old?

The workshop will be taught by Mr. Fitz Villafuerte of Ready to Be Rich. This workshop will be scheduled to be at 9:00 AM on September 7, 2013 at Babyland Shaw Boulevard.

The Learning Fee is at Php 1000 per participant.

Sign up now by going to this link:

Parenting Pals: Baby Sing Language and Safe Sleep

Parenting Pals: Baby Sign Language and Safe Sleep

Parenting Pals: Baby Sign Language and Safe Sleep

In the afternoon, at 1:30PM on September 7, 2013, we will have the Parenting Pals: Baby Sign Language and Safe Sleep Workshop. The first of the workshop series is quite interesting, as our partner speakers from Baby Signs Philippines and from Halo Philippines, discuss two of the most interesting parenting topics: Baby Sign Language and Safe Sleep.

This workshop is FREE, so sign up now!

For more details on this workshop, please visit Manila Workshops. You can also sign up by clicking HERE.

This workshop is sponsored by StemCord Philippines Inc.

Hope to see you all in these two fabulous parenting workshops!

Love lots,

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