There are times in our lives where we need help in figuring out what to do. These moments are oftentimes ‘transitions’ from one stage to another. An example of a transition may be graduating from high school to figuring out what course to take in college. It may also be finally deciding to pursue that promotion you want. Or, for others, it may be having a new home or a baby.

A lot of us fear that we might make the wrong decisions in life and eventually, regret having made those decisions. We know that making big decisions in life need a lot of ‘thinking things over’. Sometimes, we even need someone to discuss the pros and cons with. We want someone to listen to us while we contemplate and think, but we want to ask for help from a third party. We find it hard to look for the RIGHT person to talk to and don’t know whom to ask, but lucky for you, entrepreneur Jackie Caniza is here to save the day.

Business Hat Inc.

Jackie worked in the HR department of at Avon for 15 years. She then moved to Business Development of the same company. She then thought of having her own business, called Business Hat, Inc., which she eventually launched in July 2012, after resigning from her job. To fulfill her dreams of being an entrepreneur, she took a Coaching course in Singapore in one of the globally recognized coaching institutions, CoachU. She developed her skill as a coach all because she wanted to achieve her dream and advocacy of coaching individuals and helping them achieve success.

In Business Hat, Inc., Jackie has a team of success coaches. All of these 10 coaches, share Jackie’s mission. These 10 are all well-versed and trained to guide clients, both individuals and organizations, to achieve sustainable success. These success coaches come from different backgrounds (in fact, only three have HR background), so as to be able to help clients with various goals, too.

So you want to go and seek help form Business Hat Inc.? What now? What is the process? Well, what happens is that after potential clients inquire, Jackie meets them for the first time. After an interview, she then matches the individual with a success coach who will be able to help this individual. Matching is based on a lot of factors from the personality of the client to his/her goals, etc. Jackie recommends meeting with your coach at least every two weeks. Why? “Two weeks is enough time to get things done and follow through on commitments. If the lull is longer than that, individuals tend to forget and get too lazy to follow through on homeworks and action plans that are set”, Jackie suggests.

I asked her who their target market was and she said “anyone in transition“. Basically, you can call a success coach to help you get through looking for the right course in college, looking for new work, getting that promotion, change in department, looking for a change in career, looking at retiring, etc. Each coaching session is at Php 1800.

In terms of competitors, Jackie says that right now, they don’t have direct competitors. The closest competition that they would have are those who offer executive or life coaching.

What Business Hat Inc. is really one of a kind. I haven’t heard of any organization who is currently doing this. If you find their services to be pretty interesting, you can read more about them at

Hope this article helps you in making your big decision!


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