Every year, although we are not Chinese, my family really goes and attends this Tai Suey Great Deity Ceremony. This blessing is done at Mandarin and arranged by the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony located at the Mandarin Oriental Manila.

What is this blessing?
The blessing is led by Master Chau. The offering is done for protection and safety, luck and wealth for the entire year. The Grand Duke or Great Deity is the unseen force from the planet Jupiter that will affect the Earth at 150 degrees Southeast this year.

Grand Duke for the Year 2013

If you want to participate in this blessing?
1. Go or call the Yin & Yang Shop (+632-7525882/+632-7508888 local 2722) every year after Chinese New Year. They will inform you on the dates when you can go and purchase your Tai Suey Ceremony pack. The pack and attendance for the blessing is at Php 4,888.

2. They will then ask you for the chosen time when you would like to be blessed on the day of the blessing. We normally come in the afternoon.

3. When you get home, be sure to take care of your Tai Suey Ceremonial Pack. You will need to bring this on the day of the blessing. Please do not bring the pack inside your bathroom.

4. At home, already follow the instructions given. The instructions are inside the pack. You need to write your present home address and name and birth date (of each family member). There are instructions on where to write it.

Tai Suey Ceremony: Waiting for our turn!

On the day of the blessing…
5. Go to the venue (this year was at the Mahogany Room, 4/F Mandarin Oriental Manila. Go to the registration desk so that they can confirm your attendance.

Tai Suey Ceremony Pack with the other things given on the day of the blessing

6. After which, you will be given a Thanksgiving paper (red paper with gold Chinese writing) which you will have to keep for the rest of the year (one year) and returned to the Yin & Yang store before the given date in the instructions (for this year it’s January 23, 2014) since Master Chau will perform a Thanksgiving Cermony.

7. You will also be given the Tai Suey Fu for each family member and you should burn this on the indicated date.

8. For those who will attend the blessing for the first time, get a safety charm. I already have mine from four years ago. The longer you keep it, the more powerful it will become. I got one for Zeeka already! :)

9. After the blessing, you will be given two lucky candies that you need to eat anytime after the blessing.

When you get home after the blessing…
10. Look for a tin can where you can burn the red paper and the KIM (gold money inside the pack).

11. Before burning, state your name, birthday and current address. Then, ask for protection, good health and prosperity for the whole year!

12. Burn the red paper first inside the pack (Be sure not to burn the Thanksgiving paper, where all the names of the family members and your address is written).

Ej burning the Kim found inside the pack

There are a lot so be sure that you have a huge container :)

My dog wondering what we were doing :)

13. Burn from the largest sized KIM to the smallest.

14. Collect the ashes.

15. Keep the ashes for 8 days and then scatter it in an open field or area or place in the soil of a potted plant.

What to do with the Thanksgiving paper…

Post the Thanksgiving paper directly across your main door

16. Post the Thanksgiving paper directly across your front door.

17. At the end of the year, return it to the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony before the indicated date.

This is one of traditions that we have every year. I can’t wait for Zeeka to be part of this :)

How about you? What family traditions do you have?

Love lots,

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