After the holidays and new year, I had to encourage my husband to go on a diet. He hates dieting! He loves food. It’s something that I love about him. Just give him food and he’s happy (I guess most husbands are… Lol!). But, after eating all those oily food and food rich in sugar and salt and fat, I knew that it was inevitable for him to have migraine attacks.

My husband is at his worst when he gets migraine attacks, and mind you, he gets them frequently AND especially if he is not eating right. So I knew, after the holidays, he would get a lot of these migraine attacks. I pity seeing him like that, since he would always run to the bathroom and puke (and I thought pregnant ladies do all the vomitting…). He would stay in bed all day and I can’t expose him to bright lights, so the curtains are all down to block the lights.

It was then that I made my own decision and ordered Juice Jab for him. I learned about Juice Jab through my blogger friend, Mia of  A Matter of Taste. I wanted him to cleanse his system already. He was having headaches every day and it was I who couldn’t stand it anymore. I ordered the Mild Juice Jab. For the Mild intensity, you will have to replace breakfast with with 2 juice bottles for 3 consecutive days. For the other meals during the day, you can only eat solid fruits and vegetables.

I knew that this, probably, he could do. I ordered online at For the Mild intensity Juice Jab, it was Php 1700 for 6 bottles of juice to be taken in for three days. Not bad, right?!

I knew that if he ordered the moderate intensity pack, he would not last the day. So, the juices arrived in this really nice container. The first day was amazing already. His headaches from the previous day disappeared. I bought him fruits and vegetables that he could eat all throughout the day, so he wouldn’t get hungry.

He had to drink two bottles during breakfast.
1: Emerald Punch

Juice Jab: Emerald Punch

Followed by…
2: Amber Power

Juice Jab: Amber Power

He felt great during the first day. BTW, there was no noticeable change in the number of times he went to the bathroom, so don’t worry if you go to the office (but then again experiences may differ per individual). Also, don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

On the second day, he didn’t have headaches anymore and he felt great. But on the last day, he already wanted to eat. Kuddos to EJ though since he really stuck to just eating fruits and vegetables for three days and he just took in these two bottles from Juice Jab for breakfast.

He lost 3 pounds, but the more important benefit for him was that he didn’t experience his migraine attacks anymore after he took this cleansing program. He took it last January and until today, he never had any headaches. I will get him into this Juice Jab cleanse again towards the end of February, so that he can cleanse his system again.

For more information on Juice Jab, the different intensities, FAQs and pricing, do visit or Juice Jab Facebook Page.

Have you tried this already? What did you experience? We’d love to hear about it! Please leave a comment below.

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      Ej is actually trying the Moderate Juice Jab now. He started yesterday. :) Watch out for the review on that one :) We’ll include the taste so that you’ll have an idea :)


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