Yey, I am very happy with the outcome of Survivor Philippines. Denise really deserved to win. She played a good game, and I think she excelled in all aspects. She was a great in physical challenges and she was also good in playing the ‘social’ game. Congratulations, Denise!

Now, time to celebrate! My mom told me about this great artisan ice cream which she buys from Valle Verde 5. The brand was Fog City Creamery. When we had a garage sale in our house, she had three flavors of Fog City Creamery picked up.

Fog City Creamery

One of the flavors that we ordered was Salted Caramel, one of their signature flavors. A pint costs Php 250. A quart costs Php 470, while a half gallon costs Php 900. This is my dad’s favorite flavor. It had that sweet caramel flavor with that contrast from the Fleur de Sel French Sea salt. I was not much of a fan since I’m not the type who likes sweet flavors.

Salted Caramel

What I loved was the Butterscotch Pecan. It was one of the sugar-free flavors. A pint was sold for Php 300, a quart at Php 580 and a Half Gallon at Php 1110. I loved that it wasn’t too sweet. I may have been because of the the pecan. It neutralized the sweetness of the butterscotch.

Butterscotch Pecan

My husband’s favorite was the Espresso Almond, which was also a Sugar free flavor. A Pint is sold for Php 300, a quart for Php 580 and a Half Gallon for Php 1110. If you love coffee, you will love this. I think this is the first ice cream that I have tasted to have this strong flavor of coffee.

Espresso Almond

After that wonderful experience with the product, my husband and I wanted to order two more pints, so we called them up. We wanted to pick it up at Valle Verde 5. The girl in the other line said that she’ll check with the the Valle Verde pick up point and said that she’ll get back to us. She never did :( Sayang! I really wanted to buy the Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet Chocolate and the Sorrento. Oh well…

So guys, if you do intend to try this, I hope that they get back to you with the availability of their orders. I wanted to write about it (since they really have good products and flavors) right away, but I was disappointed that I didn’t receive a call back.

Anyway, here is the link to their site: and facebook page.

Let me know what you think.

Love lots,

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