As I write this blog entry, I am in tears! It’s so nice to write while munching on spicy junk food, but in my case, since I am in this high protein diet (in my hopes of losing weight fast), I can only eat peanuts as a snack. With every bite, I could feel tears rolling down my eyes. I can’t help it though. It’s so addicting. I’m talking about the Wasabi Peanuts from Nutsyriya.

Nutsyriya Wasabi Peanuts

I got this pack last Sunday when I went to Eastwood. I got this 100g pack for 100 pesos. I usually get to finish a pack this size, but this — yes, this pack is quite unbelievable. I can feel the flavor run down my throat, and up my nose. I don’t know but I can’t stop. People with bad colds, try eating this!

Of course, Nutsyriya offers other nuts. For orders, you can call 2455437 or 2450151 or email them at Here is their website:

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