What is the best way to celebrate Father’s Day? Answer: Spend it with your family. And the best place to spend it is at the 11th Philippine ToyCon 2012 held at Megatrade Halls 1-2-3, 5th level Bldg. B of SM Megamall. For a minimal fee of 100 pesos, you get an entrance ticket to see a huge collection of toys for all ages. You will enjoy viewing different types of toys from different eras and generations, from the newly issued toys back to the vintage and hard to find collectibles. Aside from the toys, there were also a lot of costume players gathered in one event aside from the annual Halloween party.

Honestly, what I really loved from this event was the “Gallery”. My daughters paused in amazement with all the different life size statues of various superheroes both from DC and Marvel Universe. Their major comment was that all the statues in exhibit are mostly for boys. They were lucky enough to find dolls and female characters like Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn in the room.

One major surprise that really caught my attention was a statue of our very own Panday and Manny Pacquiao in the event, which really makes it a true Filipino convention. I hope in the next events, they add more toys made for our local heroes like Captain Barbell, Zuma, Plastikman and Darna.

Aside from the Gallery, the other part of the event that they enjoyed was COSPLAY, where different characters come to life. My twin daughter’s loved Harry Potter, Sailor Moon and Naruto, while my “bunso” loved the Power Puff Girls. One thing great about this is these characters are very accommodating to strangers and people were welcome to take their pictures.

Last Comic Convention, I got to know Mr. Tony DeZuniga. In this Toy Convention, I was introduced to the late Mr. Alfredo P. Alcala another Filipino comic book artist. Wondering why a comic book artist is honored to this event? The answer is simple. He is one of the major reasons why Batman still exists in our time. He used to work for DC Comics in the early 1970s and was the inker for Detective Comics during the early 80’s. Just for your information, there is an upcoming Batman movie entitled “The Dark Knight Rises” to be shown on July 20, 2012.

Speaking of movies, toys are a way of promoting the movies related to these comic characters. This is why you get a chance to buy those action figures before the movies are launch. Examples are G.I. Joe: Retaliation, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Bourne Legacy.

The ToyCon 2012 also had a concert for guests and attendees. Kamikazee was there, jamming with the crowd. And guess what, their final act featured none other than “Narda”, which is a fictional Filipina heroine Darna.

My family and I enjoyed our visit to ToyCon. I hope that this annual event will continue to bring joy to kids and adults alike as they continue to feature these unique and amazing toys. Thank you to the organizers and sponsors who support and make this convention possible. You give Filipinos an avenue to enjoy life through immortalizing toys. We may physically grow old but still continue to remain childlike because of these. Happy Father’s Day!

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