I recently wrote an article about being a full time employee and a part blogger. I’m sure any blogger with the passion for writing and sharing experiences would, at one point in their lives, think of going ‘full time’ with it. It is so hard though to make the decision — the “jump” — since earning form it isn’t something that you can be sure about… but can it be?

We, of course, need to put food on our table and have some money leftover to enjoy life. Can we really make blogging a full time career or business? How do you earn from blogging? It has been three years and my blog still does not earn enough for me and my family. How do I become a Blogpreneur?

I also had these questions in my mind. I thought of steps to aim higher and make my blogs fly. I haven’t executed all of them as of the moment, but I think I need validation that I am going the right direction. It’s sometimes hard being a blogger since you have no one to talk to “in person” to give you advice. Well, all these questions led me to set up a Blogging Workshop, where everyone can share thoughts and ask questions. And who better speaker to talk about the ‘blogging’ topic, but Mr. Anton Diaz.

Anton Diaz made a name for himself as he quit his job in the prestigious company, Procter and Gamble, and ventured into blogging full time. His blog, OurAwesomePlanet.com, is one of the top blogs in the country. I really admire him for being so good at ‘branding’ his blog and himself, and taking it to this level, only a few of us bloggers could actually achieve.

Blogging Workshop with Anton Diaz

I invited him to be a speaker for this Manila Workshops event and he immediately said yes after explaining that this would help a lot of bloggers (like me) and non-bloggers. He said that he would want to help people achieve their blogging goals with this workshop. We all “know of” him, but only a few of us has gotten the chance to really “know” him and really learn from him. With all his experiences, I know that we would really learn from this seminar. I already saw the topics that he would be discussing. These are:

1. Top Mistakes Newbie Blogger Makes that destroys their brand and credibility on Day 1.
2. Critical Elements of a Successful Blog which I learned from 7 years of professional Blogging Experience.
3. How to Blog (from a Pro-Blogger Point of View)?
4. Marketing Strategies for your blog: SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing
5. How to Grow your Readership Base Exponentially?
6. How to Monetize your Blog 101 (Google Adsense, Direct Ads)
7. Top Considerations before Quitting your Day Job and going Full Time on Blogging

I’m really interested in hearing his thoughts on number 5 and number 7. I think this would help me assess if I’m ready to go full-time.

This workshop is co-sponsored by Xpert.ph! This company is very intriguing and they have quite a unique idea. They will be introducing the idea of Xpert.ph to the fortunate group of blogger attendees during the event. I’ll be writing about Xpert.ph in a separate article.

At a discounted price of Php 2,000 from Okayokay.com, this workshop would be a great deal and very affordable for one and all. Workshops nowadays cost a fortune and the really cheap or free ones are usually webinars. I sometimes prefer and would still love to have that face-to-face classes and seminars. Also, normally, Anton’s workshops would cost more. This would be at half the price. But then again, for educating us on this topic, I would gladly listen to an expert’s thoughts on blogging.

To register for this workshop, you can register here and pay through Okayokay.com.

I hope to see you there! For more information on Blogging: The Formula for Success Workshop, please visit:

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