It has been a while since my last visit to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I stopped going for a while since there was a time when I got consecutive “bad” service (they would get my orders wrong or they would forget something I ordered, etc.) Don’t get me wrong. I love the products. I especially love the Moroccan Mint Tea Latte. I would go there every single day before to get a cup and buy my favorite muffin. I used to know their staff even, but obviously, once you fail even a regular customer, they wander off to that competitor located a few blocks away.

But this afternoon, I gave Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf another chance. I got my regular small Moroccan Mint Tea Latte and upgraded it to regular with my Belle De Jour Card. I was feeling a bit hungry, so I ordered the Tuna and Olives Ciabizza. This was the first time to order this open sandwich.

I received this platter of two slices of bread. On top of the slices, a layer of cheese was substantially spread. It was then topped and baked with tuna and olives. It was quite filling. I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t used to eating bread after my two weeks of South Beach diet (Php 155). It was also yummy!

Service was actually better. I went to the Rockwell branch this weekend and to the Ortigas Park branch today, and you could really feel the difference. The staff was more attentive than ever. My friend said that the serving size was bigger. Although, wifi connection was still slow… very slow actually (I had to type this article in word to later transfer it to wordpress).

Anyway and anyhow, thank you CBTL, for giving us better service and better products!

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