Sticky Toffee Pudding.. two weeks have past since Mother’s Day, but the taste of the Sinful Sweets Sticky Tofee Pudding ‘I guess’ still lingers in the mouths of those who got to try it.

Looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, I wanted to get something that would be unforgettable. Being the ‘food fanatics’ that Ej and I are, we ordered the one of the best cakes that we could think of. I wanted something ‘toffee-ish’ so I just searched the internet for the best ‘toffee-ish’ cake. I came across the article of the best desserts blogger: Desserts Comes First.

Enticed by not only Lori Baltazar’s good words about the product, but by my craving for something’ toffee-ish’, I ordered from Ms. Joy Roxas. She delivered the cake to our house (for the cake of my Mom) and to the house of my grandmother in Makati (for the cake of my Grandmother). I ordered both of them a Sticky Toffee Pudding.

It was a Friday morning, and guess what, both of them mentioned that almost half of the cake was gone. I was surprised. I read that it was good, but I had no idea it was THAT good! I was surprised because people in my home were: a. always on a diet and b. there was only my dad, mom and my sister in my mom’s house and my lolo and lola in my grandmother’s house. It didn’t make any sense.

This got me curious so EJ and I tried the cake. It was indeed sinful and heavenly at the same time! The cake base was cooked perfectly. I think it was a date toffee pudding cake. The sauce was quite a winner!

All I could say was ‘yum’! Kuddos to Joy for spreading joy ‘indeed’ to my family!

P.S. We will definitely order again :)

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