I have yet finished another very fulfilling event, and this made me happy. Last week, I had a conversation with Martine from DaintyMom.com, and both of us agreed that we need to all have our own personal missions in life. I have my own mission which is to help people tap into their entrepreneurial side and try to help them start their businesses by helping them learn, implement and love what they do.

I noticed that I have always been a ‘connector’ (in reference to Malcolm Gladwell’s description of people with Social Gifts). A connector helps bring the world together. With this realization that I have this special skill of creating ‘links’, I thought of establishing workshops. Thus, this was the birth of my new baby, ManilaWorkshops.com (site to be launched on June 1, 2012).

Manila Workshops aims to help people tap into their entrepreneurial side by providing continuous and accessible learning. It also helps speakers and mavens discover a venue where they can share their abilities and skills.

The first workshop that Manila Workshops conducted was REEL STORIES: Basic Videography Workshop.

This most recent workshop was the Manila Makeup Workshop: Makeup for the Working Girl.

Thank you to our gifts from Human Nature and Suesh!

Manila Makeup Workshop

Demo by Makeup Artist, Eva Arce

Some of the Participants of the Manila Makeup Workshop

Here are the other pictures from the workshop:

Watch out for other workshops this coming months by Manila Workshops.

* If you want to conduct your own workshop and need someone to do the leg work, please don’t hesitate to email me (Ginger) at ginger(at)manilareviews(dot)com. If you have suggestions on seminars that you would want for us to have and you would want to attend, feel free to comment below :)

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5 Responses

  1. Rachelle Salonga

    Hi Ms. Ginger i hope i could attend 1 of your free classes. I love to beautify myself, Im a working mom and have 4kids. I work in Ortigas Ctr and love to buy make up and other beauty products from head to toe and check closely the ingredients they use. i want to learn more and planning to have business in this industry soon.

    Thank you.

  2. ejarboleda

    Hi Rhea! Ginger here using my hubby’s account :) Thank you so much! :)

  3. Rhea Buenavista

    Congratulations and good luck on your new endeavor Ginger!


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