I get to watch movies, but it was only now, after listening to Guj Tungpalan’s workshop that I got to appreciate how movies and videos are made. I never realized that to get a good video, there are so many things that you have to take into consideration. Attending the REEL STORIES Introduction to Basic Videography/Cinematography was an eye opener!

Guj, from Red Sheep Photocinema, was such a joy to listen to as he shared experiences on, practical and theoretical knowledge on shooting videos. I would dub him ‘THE’ man when it comes to teaching videography / cinematography. In the morning of the first day, he went and discussed the roles and responsibilities of each in a cinematography team. He then went into discussing the different tools from DLSR cameras, lenses, tripods, monopods, etc. The attendees were given time to check out the different tools that were discussed. Each one was given tips on how to use the devices and tools properly.

Henry’s Professional then came in and explained and showed the different tripods from Sirui and LED lighting sets. They had a wide variety of supplies to choose from, for both hobbyists and professionals. All attendees were also given discount cards for any of their purchases from Henry’s Camera Photo supplies!

In the afternoon, the topics discussed were how to compose the shot from the blocking, composition to color and lighting.

The attendees, after all that knowledge passed on unto them on day 1, had to use them early the next day. The group was divided into two teams and their final output was a 30 seconder video.

Here is the video of team 1:

Here is the video of team 2:

That entire day was spent teaching the attendees on how to ‘tell a story’ and how to edit a video. Special topics like marketing, pricing and SEO were even discussed. It was a fun and interesting seminar, and the attendees seemed happy and inspired with their new found knowledge and passion.

Batch 1 of Red Sheep Photocinema Workshop - REEL STORIES

If you are interested to attend this kind of workshop from RED SHEEP PHOTOCINEMA WORKSHOPS, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you for the schedule of Guj’s classes for this year.

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