Sometimes, we need just a little reminder that there is a higher being watching over us. I came across these religious door charms that you can customize. These are made by my officemate, Anna. You can choose the color of the ribbon that you would want to have. You can choose from the list below:

red and grey
red and orange
red and blue
blue and grey
blue and pink
blue and green
green and orange
green and pink
pink and purple
pink and grey

Religious Door Charms

You can hang it on the door!

Medals included for 1 set are Jesus, Holy Family, St. Benedict and 1 more option. Available options are:

Divine Mercy
Sacred Heart of Jesus
Miraculous medal
St. Pio
Our Lady of Lourdes
St. Joseph
St. Therese of the child Jesus
St. Peregrine (St for Cancer survivor)

If you have special requests for a type of saint/medal, we will try to look for one. These charms are at Php 350 for 1 order and Php 300 if you buy 5 pieces.

Blue and Grey Door Charms

Pink and Violet Door Charm

Green and Red Door Charm

For orders, please fill out the following form:

For inquiries, please leave a comment below.

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