I received a press release about the new Nescafe site and wanted to write about it immediately. Being a coffee lover, I loved browsing through their site. This change of the Philippine Nescafe site was made in line with the recent makeover of the Global NESCAFÉ site. Enter the new online world of NESCAFÉ Philippines – a world without borders – just curvy lines that go on and on, to form snapshot stories and emotions of what NESCAFÉ ultimately stands for, “simple joys.”

I love the sleeker, simpler, and friendlier interface of the site. Doodles of everyday simple joys enliven each page, especially with their modern renditions and smooth animations. The design is out of the box indeed – and quite literally at that – with the site’s apparent departure from boxes, sharp lines, borders and corners.

Content has been refashioned, as well. The new site features the Coffee ABC – an encycolpedia of all the information, trivia, and factoids about coffee (which I love!) and NESCAFÉ, all in little digestible portions. One can literally enrich their coffee vocabulary, from A to Z.

In much the same way, one can also become quite the expert on NESCAFÉ coffees. All it takes is one click on “Our Coffees,” and a comprehensive menu of NESCAFÉ’s brands and variants are laid out in such an elegant and sophisticated fashion. There is liberty to thumb through each one, with descriptions on tastes, blends, and flavors readily available. Clicking through the menu, users will definitely find that there’s a NESCAFÉ coffee that’s perfect for their taste.

There is really more to coffee than the cup on your table. Let the new NESCAFÉ site show you the simple and happy world of coffee, that your cup can’t. Visit www.nescafe.com.ph and let the discovery begin.

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