Most of the time, breakfast is included in hotel stays. There will be times, though, when it is not — when you’re on a really tight budget or if the coupon you purchased didn’t include breakfast. Fortunately, you don’t have to go hungry — you can cook your own breakfast (and other meals) in your hotel room!

Natalie Tran shares how to cook eggs, oatmeal, and bacon in this video:

If you’re feeling more gourmet-ish, you can also cook tortellini and bake muffins using the iron and the electric kettle. Here’s the video from George Egg. I have to say, that tortellini really did look good.

This last video is something less adventurous but just as ingenious (looks delicious too): Grilled Cheese Sandwich from

I’m pretty sure hotels frown upon this but if you’re the McGyver sort, then have fun. :)

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