Le Bistro Vert was the result for the love of coffee of Chit Juan and Reena Francisco. Chit Juan is the head of the non-stock, non-profit Philippine Coffee Board Inc. What she does is she goes to the various areas of the country where coffee is grown and she helps farmers with technical assistance by coordinating with LGUs, NGOs and the National government agencies. Reena Francisco is an R&D consultant to many restaurants who works with the licensees in developing a menu suited to their specific clientele in their markets. Le Bisto Vert promotes Locavorism—by using only local ingredients from the coffee to the food offerings. The restaurant promotes good local produce and ensures sustainability for these local products.

I have heard about Le Bistro Vert for quite some time now and have been to the restaurant quite a couple of times. I checked Manila Reviews past posts and I was shocked that I never got to write about it. Le Bistro Vert has good and healthy food that you and your family will love and enjoy.

My personal favorite is an appetizer called Garlic Caramel Baked Wings (Php 250). It’s a plateful of Citrus Soy Marinated Wings with yogurt ranch dressing. I can actually finish the entire plate. I usually order this as my main dish, since I oftentimes crave for this!

For those who love salad, we recommend that you try the LBV Signature Salad (Php 295). It has poached egg, leafy greens, goat cheese and home made bacon. The salad sauce is bistro vinaigrette. I love the sauce that they use. The salad us simple yet delicious.

For our main course, EJ tried the Braised Short Ribs (Php 395). It was ribs simmered in dry white wine and it was served with mashed potatoes. The dish came with thee pieces of cut ribs. It looked small and we actually wondered if we ordered enough. With the wings and the salad, we were already almost full, so the portioning of the main dishes were just right.

I ordered the Chicken Mango Asparagus Roulade (Php 350). It was served with brown rice. The chicken wrapped the mango and asparagus. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the mango brought that flavor that livened the dish. The presentation was marvelous, too. I had the same feedback though with the chicken as what I had with the ribs. The portions looked small, but it was actually just right to satisfy one’s hunger.

For a healthy meal, visit Le Bistro Vert in Makati!

Contact Details:
Le Bistro Vert
LCFE, Inc.
Telefax: 632-5191216
9F, NDC Bldg, 116 Tordesillas St.
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lebistrocoffee
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lebistrosustainablecoffee

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