Well, okay not really merge merge, but you can now transfer money between your GCash account and your UnionBank EON account. This is a great step for UnionBank EON because this will bring them from being the preferred account of paypal-using online merchants to also becoming the preferred account of small-to-medium-sized entrepreneurs who are selling P2P (person to person). They’re cornering the market on P2P — which is a very fast growing segment due to the ease by which this can now be done.

Okay, so how do you benefit from this?

Step 1: Get a UnionBank EON account. Just go to UnionBank EON’s Application Page on their website and follow the instructions.

Step 2: Go to your chosen UnionBank branch, submit your valid IDs, and they’ll print your EON card (which also doubles as a VISA debit card, btw).

EJ gets his UnionBank EON card (and the press kit)

Step 3: Get a Globe SIM and enroll in GCash by going to “SIM Services” on your phone (or “SIM Toolkit” or another similar name depending on your phone).

Step 4: Enroll to eMoney Xchange by calling UnionBank Customer Service at 841-8600. Register your UnionBank account number (the number under your name) and your Globe mobile number. You will then receive an SMS with instructions on how to enroll. You will be enrolled the next banking day!

Transferring money from GCASH TO UNIONBANK EON

Text G2U [space] amount to 2318.

Transferring money from UNIONBANK EON TO GCASH

Text U2G [space] amount to 2318.

Inquire Balance

Text BAL to 2318.

There you go. Plain, simple, yet incredibly full of potential. GCash is now a much more “graspable” concept for me with its integration to the UnionBank EON card.

Also present in the launch to answer questions were:

The Panel

Ramon Duarte, Senior Vice President of Retail Product Development for UnionBank of The Philippines
Paolo Baltao, President of G-Xchange, Inc
Antonino Fajardo, First Vice President of Corporate Banking for UnionBank of the Philippines

Other useful resources:
GCash Website – contains information on how to remit, make payments, or become a payment partner.
Unionbank EON – has a useful guide on how to connect it to your paypal account

Special shout out to the girls of UnionBank who were very gracious hosts:

(L-R) Ginger Arboleda, Paula Joson, Pia Rivera

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