I’m surprised by how many tea / milk tea options are now available in Metro Manila. It’s good, though, for tea lovers like me since we have more choices. I was particularly happy when Chatime opened a little store in Robinsons Galleria, near my office. In the Ortigas area, as far as I know, I don’t think we have a place to go for bubble tea. This would make Chatime the most convenient one to visit in Ortigas.

When I visited the establishment, I was lucky enough to have a conversation with the owner. She was a gym friend during my “gym days” (when I say it, it sounds so ancient). She recommended that I try the Brown Rice Green Milk Tea with Grass Jelly at 50% Sugar. So, being the obedient first timer that I was, that is what I tried.

My friend, Reena, ordered the Pearl Milk Tea at 50% Sugar (Regular at Php 80). My husband ordered the Roasted Milk Tea (Large at Php 100) at Normal (100%) Sugar.

I loved the Brown Rice Green Milk Tea. It had a unique taste, and it was not quite like any of the tea latte’s I have tried before. I would recommend people to try this. It was surprising that they did not place any recommendation icon for it in the menu.

When EJ tried his order, he didn’t like it. The roasted milk tea that he ordered didn’t taste good. It was a little bit watered down. I actually thought he was exaggerating so I tried it. I think the people preparing the order forgot to put sugar. But even if they did, I couldn’t quite taste the tea.

Reena, my friend was quite happy with her Pearl Milk tea. I tried this during my first visit weeks ago, and I also liked it. It was one of the best ones I have ever tasted.

Chatime uses real brewed tea leaves. They brew it one the spot and this makes the tea aromatic and fresh. I think Chatime is one of the new tea places that each one has to try!

Contact Details:
Chatime Philippines

Food Court Level of Robinsons Galleria

Twitter: @Chatimeph
Email address: chatimephilippines@yahoo.com

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