Putting up a business in the Philippines takes a lot of guts and a lot of cash. You have to have a really good idea with a unique selling proposition and you have to have loads of cash to implement this idea and pay for all your overhead expenses. If you plan to put up a brick and mortar store, then one of your major expense would be the rent that you have to pay monthly. My friends and I have this really good fashion idea. It’s unique and we know that we will help a lot of Filipinos in this project. We were looking for a place and we came across the The Collective.

I have heard of The Collective. It was when I heard about Wingman (whose article we will post soon). But, I haven’t really been to the place until recently. I saw that it was a big warehouse type of a space and it was divided into little shops, shops where young entrepreneurs would sell item that they manufacture or import.

These products were really creative and unique ones though. These were the type of products that you would hardly see in the stores in malls. If you want to be inspired, check out the stores and products in The Collective.

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