Are you on a tight budget, there are two places that you can go to for cheap lunches if you are in the Ortigas area. One is Hainanese Delights in the ground floor (level of the food court) in Robinson’s Galeria and the other one is at the Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas. It’s called Hobbies Barbeque.

Hainanese chicken is a special way of cooking developed by immigrants from Hainan Island, located in the south coast of China. During the wars in China and World War II, these inhabitants of the Hainan Island migrated to Singapore and Malaysia to search for a better life. A lot of them worked as cooks for Colonial masters. Some built coffee shops. As the years went by, Hainanese dishes have evolved and been recreated to better suit taste buds of the locals and colonial masters.

Therefore, the dishes now that we know of is not identical to the traditional way of cooking by Hainan Island inhabitants. The Malaysian and Singaporean Hainanese cuisine has become unique in its own way.

Hainanese Delights
For those who love Hainanese chicken, each order of Hainanese Delights is at Php 120. This will come with bottomless rice. The chicken was tender and the sauces complimented the dish well.

Chicken Heaven

We also tried the Chicken Heaven. The chicken was cooked deliciously, as well. The chicken was coated with BBQ sauce. It was also served with Hainanese Rice. This dish was at Php 115. Of the two dishes, I liked this more.

We also ordered this entree, but I forgot what it was called.

If anyone remembers what this dish is called, please comment away!

For Hobbies Barbeque, the house specialties are the Pork Barbeque, Inihaw na Liempo and Chicken Barbeque. They have Barbeque meals for each of these specialties. What my husband ordered is the 2 piece Pork barbeque with rice at Php 115.

I ordered the 1 piece Chicken Barbeque with rice at Php 95.

We both shared also in one order of Lumpiang Togue at Php 45.

These are just two suggestions on where to go if you are looking for cheap lunches in the Ortigas area. Do you know of other places? Leave a comment and we’ll add it to our list.

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