I noticed that a lot of techie folks shared our original post on Facebook. Well, thanks to Ma’am Janette Toral and the folks at Propel, I was invited to the product launch of the Samsung Smart TV. I went so I can learn more about it – I think my dads (dad + dad-in-law) are thinking of buying one. Here are some observations and some news about the product’s features.

Samsung Smart TV Product Launch

USB Port
Like a PS3, the Samsung SMART TV comes equipped with USB ports. They can read most formats right off the bat and show them on the TV. I wasn’t able to ask regarding the formats played though.

Remote Control
It comes with a pretty basic remote control, that they’re planning to upgrade to one with a keyboard in the next few months. You can also download their official remote control app from the iPhone AppStore and the Android Marketplace. They demonstrated how it worked with a Samsung Galaxy Tab. It’s useful as a keyboard especially when you plan to do some browsing and social media-ing (more on that later) on the TV.

Controlling the Samsung Smart TV via a Samsung Galaxy Tab

Yes, the TV connects to the internet via WIFI. Their prime model does at least. They’re planning to release an entry level model but it doesn’ have WIFI. So what happens on the internet? Of course, you can search the web for the latest news and also browse and play through youtube. The TV also has the capability to stream media (ala Netflix). The only problem with that, though, is that the bandwidth in our country is a problem. You need at least 5MB bandwidth to have a high quality continuous video stream. Unfortunately, the highest available to most consumers in the country is 2MB. So this feature is something that we in the Philippines can’t capitalize on just yet.

Samsung App Store
Genius move, if I might say so myself. I find myself routinely browsing through Android’s Marketplace (on my Samsung Galaxy S, I know… so Samsung. hehe) and looking for the latest and greatest apps. I think I’ll be doing the same thing here if I have this TV. The current selection has 60 global apps.

The most promising app is the SocialTV app. Basically, it fits the TV screen in a smaller space (around 3/4th of the screen) to allow space for a feed of your social networks – Facebook and Twitter, specially.

Another great app is the Skype app. The TV comes with a camera so you can basically have a video conference free on a giant TV screen. It’s great for reunions and big parties so everyone can see and be seen.

Samsung Smart TV Skype Session

To the developers out there – the SDK is not open and they have tapped specific development firms for the apps (They also have a target of creating 10 local Pinoy apps by the end of the year so that’ll customize the experience to us Pinoys). There have supposedly been talks to make it open but they haven’t really decided yet.

Great TV
And of course, it also works as a TV. The high-def pictures are very crisp. It has 3D functionality (with glasses) that can be viewed at any angle. It also has 2D-to-3D translation technology so you can now watch “David at the Dentist” in 3D. It also has a sound system that’s designed to be an immersive audio experience to complement the crisp pictures or 3D.

Is there a cheaper model?
This TV will set you back around PHP 150,000.00. They are planning to release an “entry-level” model – it has all the functionality EXCEPT the browser (so you’re limited to what the apps can bring you) and the WIFI (it’ll be wired).

Seeing the functionalities finally of this TV, I’m convinced with what Ginger’s been telling me – with this TV, we can spend some us-time together even if we’re doing different things – with me watching my downloads and her talking to her friends on her Facebook. Now the next question is… who wants to give us a Samsung Smart TV? Anyone?

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