They say that in the future, people will get to do activities that they normally do simultaneously. Multi-tasking will be very easy, using the gadgets of the future that will be introduced. I think Samsung just introduced Filipinos to the future! During iBlog7, we got the opportunity to see the Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV

I would love to win the Samsung Smart TV, for the main reason that with this in our room, I could get to spend more time with my husband. The normal scenario in our home would be, once we arrive, I will go straight to our notebook and write blogs, while EJ will be sitting in front of the screen, watching his favorite downloads. I’ll have multiple tabs opened so as to see “shared information” in different social networks. EJ will have his Samsung Galaxy S beside him while he surfs while watching TV. If one is busy, we hardly get to communicate and cuddle!

With the Samsung Smart TV, we could just use the TV and watch our favorite shows while still engaged in sharing our thoughts in the different social networks. This TV has a web browser, a social hub and even a dual display that will allow us do all of these things simultaneously. Samsung, with this product, will introduce the industry’s first app store. I know that my husband will enjoy this! The Samsung Smart TV can even connect our laptop and the Samsung Galaxy S to the Smart TV.

When I wake up in the mornings, I usually do some workouts using our XBOX Kinect that is connected to our tv. With the Samsung Smart TV’s superior picture quality and sound, I will now be more inspired to finish my workout.

Samsung Smart TV's Sleek Design

Samsung Smart TV's Sleek Design

I also love the sleek design. I was amazed at how thin the TV was. Over the weekend, we cleaned our room, and we were already imagining where we would place it (there’s no harm in dreaming, right?). We had so many ideas on where to fit it since it had a design that is very flexible. I also researched on the product and reports said that Samsung will introduce a new energy label that would emphasize on the reduction of energy consumption used by Samsung’s new products.

I can’t wait to see more of these products from Samsung as they emphasize on “Human Digitalism” for this year. These products will definitely have great designs which will be helpful for us and in sync with our needs.

How about you? What can you do with the Samsung Smart TV?

For more information about the Samsung Smart TV, you can go to the following links:
Samsung Website
Facebook Page of Samsung TV PH
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  1. @ionGonzaga

    wow! good to learn they introduced the Smart TV at iBlog. i'm also excited as well – particularly the social aspect of it. although the lack of Bluetooth is one setback – i hope they could integrate it as well.


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