Really? You haven’t tried Ristras? We’ll you’ve been missing one of the best mexican restaurants and certainly the best burrito that you can ever possibly try. Ristras, by Chef Rob Goco (also the owner of Cyma and Charlie’s Grind and Grill Burger), is known for it’s Wet Burrito.


Ristras Mexican Restaurant

When ordering at Ristras, you can choose what type of Mexican dish you would want to have. The choices are Burrito, Breakfast Burrito, Tostadas, Fajita Burrito, Chimichanga, Naked Burrito, Nachos Mexicanos, Quesadilla / Tres Quesa, Salad, Tacos or Taco Truck Taco.

Ristras: Choices!

After choosing which type of dish you want to have (e.g. burrito, fajita, etc), you now get to choose what type of meat you’d want to use for your dish. Choices are as follows: Steak / Carne Asada (Php 340), Grilled Chicken (Php 320), Breakfast Sausage (Php 330), Vegetarian (Php 290), Cabeza (Php 330), Tripas (Php 330), Barbacoa (Php 340), Carnitas (Php 330), Al Pastor (Php 330), Chorizo (Php 330) and Lingua (Php 330).

You then get to choose if you want to order rice with your dish. It’s either Cilantro Lime Rice or Chorizo Rice. Then, choose which type of beans would you like to have — the pinto or vegetarian black beans.

We normally have the wet burrito. This is how we like ours.

We choose the whole wheat tortilla. We then get the chorizo brown rice and the pinto beans. Our favorite meat is the Steak / Carne Asada, and then the server adds the other stuff like chili, pico de gallo, corn salsa, guacamole, cheddar cheese, sour cream and romaine lettuce.

Ristras: Wet Burrito with Guacamole!
Ristras: Wet Burrito 1
Ristras: Sauce Time!
Ristras Wet Burrito now topped with cheese!
Ristras Wet Burrito: Flame it up!

When you order a wet burrito, they smother it with sauce and top it with loads of cheese. My mom gets an extra order of cheese to add to the top. They then melt the cheese with a torch and Viola! You have your Wet Burrito.

Viola! Ristras Wet Burrito!
Ristras Wet Burrito 2
Ristras Wet Burrito: Oooh yummy!
Ristras Burrito!

We also tried the Quesadillas. This dish is made out of soft flour tortilla, Pico De Gallo, corn salsa, Cheese, sauteed peppers and onions and of course, your choice of meat. For this, we normally get the steak / carne asada or the grilled chicken.

Ristras Quesadillas

Each of these dishes is big enough for around 2-3 people already so no need to order individually. I noticed that everytime I eat here, I complain that I am too full, BUT I always come back for more!

Contact Details:

Unit 106 J. Abad Santos
Cor. Lopez Jaena, San Juan
Phone Number: (+632)5708159
Mobile Number: 0930-4504760 / 0915-2573905

G/F Fairways Tower, 5th Ave., Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City, Metro Manila
Phone Number: (+632)846-0680
Mobile Number: 0915-4521450

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