We arrived early at the NAIA Terminal 3 for our 11 pm flight to Vietnam. We were there at 7 pm. We did not want to be late for our flight and we were really excited!

For those of you who are thinking of bringing a car and leaving it “somewhere”, NAIA Terminal 3 has an overnight area, where you can leave your car (up to 30 days). The charge is Php 50 per day. If it’s okay for you to leave your car under the sun, then this is a safe place to park. There is a security guard watching over these cars. We left our car there for four days and we just paid Php 200 pesos. For those who want covered parking spaces, you can always take your car to Park and Fly.

So when we went in, we had dinner at Chubby China. You order at the counter and the waiters deliver your orders to your table. We ordered Wanton Noodles (Php 115). It came in a medium sized bowl and it was just enough for one person. The wantons were okay, but not really exemplary.

Chubby china's Wanton Noodles

Chubby China's Wanton Noodles

Chubby China's Szechuan Chicken Rice Toppings

Chubby China's Szechuan Chicken Rice Toppings

I ordered the Szechuan Chicken Rice Toppings (Php 150). The chicken came in a reddish and spicy sauce. for those who fear “spices”, don’t worry. It was not too spicy. It was chicken that was perfect for pairing with rice. The flavor was strong. I liked this dish.

Chubby China's Pork Siomai

Chubby China's Pork Siomai

We also ordered Pork Siomai. I liked their Siomai. It was packed with meat and it was filling. A platter of four was priced at Php 60.

When we ate there, I think the owner was there, and she kept on looking at me (with that worried look) as I was taking photos of the place and the food. Tip for owners, when you see people taking pictures of your restaurants, don’t be alarmed (huwag kayong praning). We’re just there to eat and enjoy!

There are other restaurants, booths ans stalls that you can visit. Le Bistro Vert serves sandwiches, pastries, coffee and tea. We had tea there after eating at Chubby China. There are also other restaurants on teh third floor. There’s a Jollibee mini outlet, a Shakey’s restaurant, a Kopi Roti stall, and many others.

There were also shops that sold luggages and other things that you might need for your trip. Brands like Northface, Oakley, etc. are seen in the shops. You can also have a 15 minute to an hour’s massage on the third floor. I forgot the name of the place, but it’s pretty cool. They placed a TV in front of Lazy boy type chairs for people to relax while they are having their massage.

It was actually cool to hang out in NAIA 3. The restrooms were pretty clean, too. So for those who come in early, don’t fret! There are a lot of things to do in NAIA Terminal 3.

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  1. Josephthedevil

    Naia terminal 3 is stupid.. They segregated the line for travel tax.. You can imagine a long line for getting your travel tax.. Then going to another line just to pay for it.. It’s amazing how these people think.. STUPID


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