Rochelle Ann Rodrguez or Rowhe Rodriguez for short is our next RISQ Fashion Designer finalist is our next interviewee. This young lady is representing UP (took up Clothing Technology). She is very passionate about fashion designing, and this passion started when she was four. She has joined an online styling contest, and has been shortlisted twice. She also designs already for wedding gowns, and clothes for other people. She loves designing particularly for her sister. She’s also an intern at Metro Magazine.

Rowhe Rodriguez Representing UP Diliman

Rowhe Rodriguez Representing UP Diliman

Rowhe mentioned that for her line for the RISQ Fashion Show, people can expect simple designs, but the work she’ll do will not be boring. People will notice her collection, since it will be well made. Rowhe is very particular about the construction of her designs.

RISQ Designer: Rowhe Rodriguez
Her inspiration for her collection entry for the RISQ Fashion show are buildings. When asked why this was her inspiration, she mentioned that she lives in Makati and every day, she sees buildings. She then thought of using these “sights” for her entry. Her mood board consisted of pictures of buildings. She even took pictures of her own roof!

Rowhe Rodriguez: RISQ Fashion Designer Finalist

Rowhe Rodriguez: RISQ Fashion Designer Finalist

In terms of colors, Rowhe prefers neutral colors and the color accents are red and blue, which represents the blue sky and the red sky for sunset.
RISQ Designers00105
In the future, she wants to have her own label. She’s also planning to study abroad to enhance her knowledge about other cultures. She believes that by continuously studying the history and culture of other countries, this will help improve her skill in fashion designing.

To Rowhe, we look forward to more designers like you, who are particular with making well constructed pieces. Good luck on your goal of learning about other cultures for enhancing your talent and lots of lukc for the RISQ Fashion Event.

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  1. Hannah

    Where's the video? How come the other contestants have a video footage of their respective interviews?

    Good luck, Ro-Ann!

  2. eishimau

    FINALLY! Go Rowhe! :)
    Seriously check out the detail of her works! People who make clothes will see that both sweat and blood was poured into her works (haha, not literally!).


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