I just opened the fridge and the Jam Food’s Angus Beef Tapa that we bought was nowhere to be seen. I frantically asked “manang” where the 1 kilo of beef tapa was, and she uttered that we already finished it. FINISHED IT?! But that was just 3 days ago, recalling that we went to Mercato Centrale last Sunday and today’s a Tuesday. Recalling the number of times we had it (for breakfast, lunch and dinner), manang had to be telling the truth.

Jam's Angus Beef Tapa

Mercato Centrale Jam's Angus Beef Tapa

We went to Mercato Centrale knowing that this stall would be there. I knew that Jam Foods & Co. was a winner last Ultimate Taste Test 4 of Anton, so I knew that he would invite them to participate again. I was not disappointed as Anton directed us to the grill section of Mercato Centrale.

I hurriedly bought one kilo at Php 500. I know some would say that this may be quite an expensive price to pay for tapa, BUT you haven’t tried this tapa. Its sweet and salty flavor is so addicting! You can check out their products at jamfoodsanco.com or call them at 09178146124 (look for Koyen). They deliver just as long you meet the Php 2000 limit.

That Angus Beef Tapa was not the only thing that I am coming back for at the Mercato Centrale. Have you ever tried Mochi? Mochi balls are Japanese desserts that are made from glutinous rice (just like the ingredients that they use for Bucci, which is a more popular “pastry”). Upon entering the main entrance of this “Awesome” market, we were greeted by a stall that read Mochiko. Check out what they were offering…

Mercato Centrale Mochiko

Mochiko at the Mercato Centrale

Mercato Centrale Mochi Balls

Looks interesting, right? It’s as delicious as it looks interesting. EJ ordered the Azuki (red bean) flavored mochi and I ordered the Green Tea flavored one. Both were actually delicious. It was ice cream covered in mochi. Once they serve it, let it stay for at least two minutes (to soften it) then bite on it. We want to go back to try the other flavors. A favorite though, which we will recommend is the Azuki flavor. Each ice cream filled mochi is at Php 70.

When we asked the people manning the stall, they are served in FIC Summer Cafe Alabang Town Center, Boracay, BF Paranaque and Marquee Mall, Angeles City. A bit too far? Well, you can always visit Mercato Centrale at the Bonifacio Global City.

Since we are talking about ice cream, we also got to try Artisan Ice Cream flavors from Merry Moo. They had unique flavors of ice cream. I like the Earl Grey flavor. Hmmm, our readers would know that I’m addicted to coffee and tea. I regret not having to order during that visit, but I will definitely buy a scoop or two during our next visit. For more information, you can always contact Kelvin Ngo, the Chief Ice Cream Officer at merrymoo@ymail.com.

If I were to suggest a good Christmas gift for ninongs and ninangs for this Christmas, I would suggest that you try to check out MisisPi! check out the great and classy packaging.

Mercato Centrale Misispi

Misispi Crunchy Oatmeal Cookies

This is how Mrs. Rorie Pena (or Misis Pi) packaged the delicious oatmeal cookies that she was selling. You can choose from Single (20 pieces) at Php 195, Double (40 pieces) at Php 390 and Halfpack (10 pieces) at Php 100. She also sells Anghang Suka at 750ml containers (php 160) which are packaged in very classy boxes, as well, that they looked like boxed wines.
Mercato Centrale Misispi 2
For orders, you can visit misispi.com or call (+632) 727-123 or (+632) 345-2040; +639228976743. Address is at 246 Ibanez St., Little Baguio, San Juan, M.Mla.

If you’re hungry and you want to eat right away, there are so many stalls to choose from at the Mercato Centrale.

Mercato Centrale Tent

Mercato Centrale has 4 Tent Clusters!

We arrived 11 am and it was nearing lunch. We ordered pizza from The Works. Their tagline was “not just your usual pizza”, and it definitely was not. This stall had flavors of pizza like Salted Egg Pizza (which we ordered), Kani Salad Pizza, Gambas Pizza and Fried Sardines Pizza. An 11″ by 14″ pizza is sold at Php 350.00. The flavor was unique. We hope though that they would change the crust into something thinner and a bit crispier, so that the crust won’t drown the taste of the toppings. Other than that, it was something unique and I would like to try the other flavors.

Mercato Centrale The Works Pizza

The Works Pizza

Mercato Centrale Pizza

There are also great dishes from Lola Maria (at the Legend Villas). We tried the Cocido and the Tinapate Pandesal.The Cocido tasted like menudo. A family pack for 6-8 people is at Php 1,080, while a Party Pack for 12-15 people is at Php 2,050. This Spanish dish from Madrid, Spain, may be served during the holidays for family gatherings.

Mercato Centrale Cocido Madrileno

Lola Maria's Cocido Madrileno

The Tinapate Pandesal were cute little bite sized sandwiches of tinapa pate. It was an interesting hors d’oeuvre that you can serve for family and friends.

Mercato Centrale Tinapate Pandesal

Lola Maria's Tinapate Pandesal

Lola Maria Restaurant can be found at The Legend Villas at 60 Pioneer cor. Madison, Mandaluyong. You can visit www.legendvillas.com.ph.

There are other great buys at the Mercato Centrale. Check out the other pictures that we took.

Mercato Centrale Z's Sausages

Mercato Centrale Z's Sausages

Mercato Centrale Organic Stalls

Mercato Centrale Organic Products

Visit Mercato Centrale

Visit Mercato Centrale!

Mercato Centrale Swiss Gourmet Sausages

Mercato Centrale Swiss Gourmet Sausages

I’m definitely going back this weekend. You should check it out, too!

The Mercato Centrale is open every Saturday and Sunday. It is located in an empty lot near Boni High Street and Serendra.

For more information, you can visit Mercato Centrale Facebook Fanpage.

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  1. jummyworms

    ejarbo- thank you and appreciate the info! =) yeah, I've been to the mochiko place at Cliffhouse, i could go, but all that effort and gas..just to eat mochiko. haha! Funny thing is.. when I went there again last week, they were closed too! -jummyworms

  2. jummyworms

    I was at mercato central last saturday and sunday too. You're right the mochiko looks good. I have been trying to go earlier so I can finally make it on time to try the mochiko. Unfortunately Saturday, she left earlier and sunday, she was already packing and said she's packed already. too bad, maybe next week. Did you try the other flavors as well?

  3. Tina Ong

    Thanks for sharing about the ice cream mochi. I have been looking for that locally – for a long time with no success. Will definitely go to mercato to finally get my hands on those. The Anges beef tapa looks like it shouldn't be passed up also.

  4. Kelvin

    Hi Ms. Ginger,

    Thank you for visiting Merry Moo @ Mercato Centrale. We would love you to try our Earl Grey Tea flavors. Be sure to drop by this weekend. We have Rum Raisin and we're planning to make Mexican Chocolate as well. :)

    Merry Moo

    • ginger

      Hi Kelvin! It’s nice to hear from you. I will drop by to try Merry Moo again. :) I’ll try the other flavors! ~ Ginger


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