L’entrecôte is one of the newer restaurants in Bonifacio Global City’s Burgos Circle. Burgos circle is becoming one of the premiere “hang-out” places in the country. A lot of young professionals relax and unwind after a hard day’s work by having dinner or, sometimes, a drinking binge at the establishments in Burgos Circle. One of the fine dining restaurants in this area is L’entrecôte. L’entrecôte is French and means a premium cut of beef used for steaks. When you look at this restaurant’s menu, you’ll see that it serves mostly steaks.



Upon entering the place, you will immediately see and feel that it is a fine dining restaurant. However, even if the restaurant gives that feeling, we were still relaxed and comfortable. With the comfy chairs and the professional friendly servers, it was actually cozy.

All of us ordered from their Menu of the Day choices. Their menu of the day options already went with salad and unlimited fries. We chose: Menu L’entrecôte – US Choice Entrecote Steak topped with special, secret herb butter sauce. It’s served with mixed green salad tossed in house dressing with walnuts, and unlimited fries. This is purely personal but saying a dish has a “secret sauce” brings to mind MSG and some other artificial ingredients that the chef probably doesn’t want to mention with the food. I think they should have just mentioned the ingredients because, for me at least, 1/3rd of how delicious the food is is in the anticipation — a list of delicious ingredients will only serve to whet my appetite. Anyway, I ordered mine medium.

First to arrive was the salad. The vinaigrette was slightly sour, (olive) oily, and really good. It was a great start to the meal.

L'Entrecote Mixed Green Salad in House Dressing with walnuts

Mixed Green Salad in House Dressing with Walnuts

The steak arrived and it was juicy, soft, and flavorful. It wasn’t mostly tendons as a lot of cheaper steaks are. The secret herb butter sauce was also quite good, so good leap of faith there. The fries were plentiful and served “Piknik” style — thin strips of fried potato.

Menu L'Entrecote

Menu L'Entrecote

Another order was the Fish — Fillets of Perch in beer batter with sauce Remoulade and fresh fries, served with mixed green salad tossed in house dressing & topped with walnuts.

L'Entrecote Fish

L'Entrecote Fish

I didn’t really taste the difference the Perch brought which is a delicate freshwater fish from Geneva. Probably because it was served fish & chips style – which means it’s fried in beer batter and eating it involved liberal amounts of vinegar and/or tartar sauce. I wish they could’ve cooked it differently to really bring out the flavor of the Perch.

If there’s one thing I wished would be better, it would be the presentation. The salad was ok but “fries” just doesn’t cut it. Granted, it was one of the cheaper items on the menu but I believe it should still be true to the spirit and atmosphere the restaurant tries to project.

Be prepared to spend around P1000 pesos per person in L’entrecôte. It’s on okay date place, perfect atmosphere, excellent service, but the food doesn’t impress.

Contact Details:
Unit A Bellagio 2, Burgos Circle
Forbestown, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. No.: (+632) 8564858

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7 Responses

  1. Lia Sy6466

    I bought 25 l’entrocote vouchers, we had reservations tonight june18, i’m supposed to have 25 vouchers for dinner but prior to that we were advised by the manager that they can only accomodate 20 vouchers for 1 night. It’s my birthday treat for my clan, but as they said which was not written in ur terms n conditions , we can only use 20 vouchers. This is misleading bec u said we can buy as much as we can, sadly, i have to cancel my invitation for my brother n his family :( , they were left behind.We used only 19 vouchers , and L’entrecote gave us a seat at the corner, yes, one table for ten and another for nine pax. With inconvenience, they seated us with 2 long benches for the ten persons which made us uncomfortable bec when one person needs to go out, all the people at one side has to stand up to give way. Very poor seating arrangement, they should have given us only one long bench for that table and give the other long bench to another guests (of course not my party).After the long wait of our main meal , on which my daughter’s steak was served w/ a piece of hair strand (of course we had it replaced), here came the dessert, one table were given walnut n raspberry vacherin cake, and one table was not served with the walnut, we were only given a dessert with only the raspberry mouse, meaning wala yun cake part. We complained and the kitchen staff came up to explain that they ran out of the walnut part. (pls look at the dessert pic , walnut is the white part ). Though the kitchen staff were apologetic , im beginning to get pissed off, bec i said “u should have informed us, it’s like shortchanging us, beside we had reservations so u should presume that u have ample supply for the desserts. Haaaaay!Now i still have 6 more vouchers to consume , and when i get back there with a balikbayan, i wonder if they would still short change us. I think u should call their attention regarding this services. I believe in their minds we can be settled with short-changed desserts bec we only paid the vouchers with a discounted price. This is unfair to us who paid it in advanced. 

    • Anonymous

      Where did you buy your vouchers? They should’ve indicated the 20 coupon limit.

  2. B...

    With regard to your comment about presentation, the casual nonchalance they're trying to achieve is the same as the restaurant that pioneered the concept of the entrecote with butter sauce ande fries at Le Relais de L'Entrecote in Paris. Haven't tried the restaurant yet, but I'm hoping it's pretty good.

    • ejarbo

      Ahh good to know! If you\’ve tried the original in Paris, can you tell us if the Taguig one does it justice? (once you\’ve tried it, of course)


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