Having trouble looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones? How about we give you a chance to win a MiLi Power Crystal or a MiLi Universal charger. These are Mobile Power Solutions that can be used for a wide range of mobile phones. Losing power in the middle of the day? These MiLi products can help you! It’s the perfect gift for your family and friends (or for yourself ;)…) this Christmas Season.

MiLi Power Crystal

MiLi Power Crystal

MiLi is giving you the chance to win MiLi products weekly!

MiLi Universal Charger

MiLi Universal Charger

Join the MiLi Holiday Hunt Promo!
Promo Mechanics

1. This electronic raffle promo will be open to all residents in the Philippines that own a mobile phone of any brand.

2. Promo period will be from November 24 to December 22, 2010.

3. To qualify to join the contest, the participant has to do the following:

a. LIKE the MiLi Facebook Fanpage

b. Change your facebook status to the following:
First week: “Join the MiLi Holiday Hunt Promo” and tag the MiLi Facebook Fanpage and 5 other people.
Second Week: “Join the 2nd week of the MiLi Holiday Hunt Promo” and tag the Mili Facebook Fanpage and 5 other people
Third Week: “Join the 3rd week of the MiLi Holiday Hunt Promo” and tag the Mili Facebook Fanpage and 5 other people
Fourth Week: “Join the last week of the MiLi Holiday Hunt Promo” and tag the Mili Facebook Fanpage and 5 other people

c. Add a MiLi twibbon to your Facebook profile picture; it should be there during the duration of the promo.

for Apple users: http://twibbon.com/cause/Apple-Love-MiLi-2/Facebook
for Android users: http://twibbon.com/cause/Android-love-MiLi/Facebook
for BlackBerry users: http://twibbon.com/cause/Blackberry-Love-Android/Facebook
for Nokia users: ttp://twibbon.com/cause/Nokia-Love-MiLi/Facebook
for Samsung users: http://twibbon.com/cause/Samsung-Love-MiLi/Facebook
if you want a non-phone specific twibbon: http://twibbon.com/cause/I-Love-MiLi/Facebook

4. Contest Proper:

a. The contestant should look for the answer to the question, “The MiLi Power Miracle and Power Crystal can be used for these mobile phone brands: ______________” (the answer can be seen on one of the pages of the MiLi Website: MiLiPhil.com)

b. After doing the required steps (a-c) and the contest proper, the contestant should fill out and submit this form completely Click HERE to go to the Form. The form will contain required fields (i.e. name, user name in facebook, address, mobile number, email, answer to the question). The information submitted will be solely owned by MiLi and will not be sold or distributed to any third party.

5. We will hold the electronic raffle and announce the winners on December 1, 8, 15 and 22, 2010. We will use random.org for the electronic raffle.

6. For Metro Manila and provincial areas, we will deliver your prizes to your registered address. Please be sure that the name in the valid ID that you present is the same with the name that you placed in the validation form.

7. There will be two winners per week. One winner will get a MiLi Power Crystal. The other winner will get a MiLi Universal Charger. Winners will be announced in MiLi’s Facebook Fanpage and ManilaReviews Website.

What are you waiting for? Join now and get the chance to win these amazing products that you can use for your Mobile Phones!

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  1. @akiakat15

    hi ginger! i have my advance merry christmas gift from MiLi (2nd week winner), thanks for this wonderful opportunity, i thought you were a newscaster, are you? my kahawig ka kasi.. still rmmber me and my daughter Kia at SBC last Nov. 29? talagang detailed eh noh..haha! anyways, sasali xa sa contest ng 100 cutest babies, sana pls. support us next year, may audience impact at facebook likes kasi eh..my february pa un, mag2 yirs old na xa nun, ok lng ba d2 magcomment ng ganito? hehe!
    again advance Merry Christmas! :)


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