I am a fan of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for years now. It has been my refuge every lunch time, when I want to de-stress. I love the Moroccan Mint Tea Latte. For Christmas for the past years, since I’m a heavy coffee and tea drinker, I have collected a lot of notebooks from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and other planners and giveaways from other establishments.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2011 Giving Journal

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2011 Giving Journal

For the previous years, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has been giving away notebooks with blank pages. This year though has a more interesting surprise for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf fans. It has released a journal, with a lot of great features. People who still do not know about this journal, need to see it. I think for this year, The 2011 Giving Journal of Coffee Bean is THE journal to have.

The Story Behind the Giving Journal

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Mentioned that after the 2009 Give In To Giving campaign, they decided that the spirit of giving back to society should be an all-year-round activity and should not only be activated during the holidays.
CBTL family on Outreach activities
Throughout 2010, the CBTL family went on several outreach activities to charities that they have continuously supported with the past Give In To Giving campaigns. These charities were Abot Kamay Inc., Kythe, Haribon Foundation, and The Real Life Foundation. For this year, all the efforts of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will be focused on helping The Real Life Foundation

The Real Life Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps provide a better future for underprivileged Filipinos. The approach of Real Life is different from other organizations because of their 360 degree help approach. They send kids to school, AND provide the finances they need to sustain themselves through the right meals and transportation to and from school. They excel when the graduate because they undergo LIFE training: LEADERSHIP, INTEGRITY, FAITH and EXCELLENCE. The CBTL family has spent time with these scholars and have personally heard their stories. For more details about the organization, please visit their facebook page or visit their website (www.igivetolife.com).

CBTL created the 2011 Giving Journal to celebrate the relationships that they had built over the years with their partner organizations. They created this 2011 Giving Journal for us — to help us find a concrete way of helping out the less fortunate members of society. The Giving Journal is a journal where we can write our day-to-day activities and it contains many ideas and activities that call to us to celebrate the gift of giving all throughout the year.

CBTL Giving Journal giving Tracker

CBTL Giving Journal Giving Tracker

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal
Gift Giving Cheat Sheet

Daily Diary

All you have to do get this journal is to get a sticker card from the barista on your next visit and try to complete all the 24 stickers! That’s not so hard to do since The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has a great selection of Coffee and Tea. My personal favorite is the Moroccan Mint Tea Latte and the Chai Tea Latte. For those who love Ice blended drinks, try The Ultimate.

For more details on The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines, please visit their website: coffeebean.com.ph. You can also visit their facebook fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/coffeebeanphilippines.

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