We were invited to the Unilab ActiveHealth Bloggers meet recently. It was held at Casa Armas, The Podium. Unilab briefed us on the three activities that they have in store for the Filipino family. This focus on health and fitness started last year with the Run United for Wellness.

Unilab ActiveHealth Bloggers Night

Unilab ActiveHealth Bloggers Night

This year, Unilab has three activities in store for all of us. These are Bike United, Tri United and Run United 2.

The full details on Bike United, Tri United and Run United 2 are seen in our sister website: Manila Fitness. Please do visit and learn more about the three fitness and health activities.

Manila Fitness is also holding a promo sponsored by Unilab ActiveHealth! This is the Unilab ActiveHealth Readers Promo. The mechanics are in Manila Fitness.

We hope to see you in each event!

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