Nokia My Life Promo Tally


Hey everyone, are you excited yet? We can’t wait to see who will win the promo! If only it didn’t take this much effort!

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Contestant Verification

If you joined, don’t forget to verify your entry on the Contestant Verification Form. Note that there are different forms for each blog!

Other Reminders

*The different websites have slightly different rules… these are for ManilaReviews:
1. Tweets for past weeks but done in the current week do not count. Twitter is like text. It doesn’t really make sense to tell people that something happened 4 weeks ago. :)
2. If your FB upload is not visible to everyone, it will not be counted. We have to verify each entry and if your upload is private, we can’t really verify it.
3. If you didn’t post a link/URL, it’s not counted.
4. I personally hope that some people are nicer. We’re just a little family who wants to give away a phone. Posting something warmer really helps when you’re digging through tons of entries. :-(
5. The raffle is closed. Hope you were able to catch-up!
6. I have approved all pending comments. Yup, all of them. Multiple attempts result in multiple comment posts.

Okay, here we go. Wish us luck!!!

(photo by Victor Bezrukov)

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    • ejarbo

      salamat, theathom! malay mo sa susunod. :) nawa\’y tangkilikin nyo pa rin ang ManilaReviews kahit walang giveaway! ;-)


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