Christmas is fast approaching, and we need to scout for gifts for our friends and family. Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones? MiLi Philippines has the perfect iPhone accessories that you could purchase to make your ‘techy’ loved ones happy. A lot of MiLi fans are quite happy that the brand is now here in Manila, making it more accessible for the local market.

There are three MiLi Philippines products that I think would make great Christmas gifts. Each product is an iPhone battery or power storage pack that looks like an ordinary iPhone case.

MiLi Power Pack

MiLi Philippines Power Pack In Use

MiLi Power Pack: Sleek iPhone Battery / Case

The MiLi Power Pack is a mobile charger. It can charge an iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS, iPod Touch, other mobile phones and devices. What you will like about these accessories is that it doubles the battery life of your iPhone and iPod Touch. The MiLi Power Pack has a dual USB port that allows you to connect to your computer and sync data with your device.

MiLi Philippines Power Pack In Use

MiLi Philippines Power Pack: Comes in Black and White

The representatives of MiLi Philippines showed us that the MiLi Power Pack can actually charge mobile phones and your iPhone or iPod Touch at the same time, because it has its own USB port. To charge the MiLi Power Pack, all you have to do is to connect it to your computer using the USB cable. This product is available in black and white. It costs around Php 3,200.

MiLi Power Skin
You will be amazed at how thin the MiLi Power Skin is. It is probably the thinnest external iPhone battery in the world.

MiLi Power Skin Comparison

MiLi Power Skin: Impressive Comparison

Like the MiLi Power Pack, it was made to extend the battery life of your iPhone 3G and 3G devices. What is good about it is that even if it is attached to our device, you will not notice any difference since it is light weight. It has a cover the you can attach to make it look like an iPhone case.

MiLi Power Skin: Detachable Cover

MiLi Power Skin: Detachable Cover

It also has a built in speaker. It also comes in Black and White. Each product costs Php 2950.

MiLi Power Skin

MiLi Power Skin

MiLi Power Spring
The MiLi Power Spring is like the MiLi Power Skin that is also an external battery that extends the life of your iPhone. The difference is that it has a spring cover that folds back, so you can easily slide your device.

MiLi Power Spring: Fold Back

MiLi Power Spring: Fold Back Cover

Just like the MiLi Power Skin, the MiLi Power Spring is a great Christmas gift for your young techy nephew or neice. The design is so sleek. It is also easy to charge since to increase the power of the pack, all you have to do is connect it to your computer using the included USB cable.

MiLi Power Spring

MiLi Power Spring

Like the two other accessories, this battery has a manual activation feature allows you to choose when to start charging your device.It is compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS devices. It also comes in white and black. It also costs Php 2950.

MiLi Philippines has a lot of products in store for you this season. We will feature more amazing Christmas gifts in the weeks to come.

The MiLi products are available in the following stores:

Power Mac Center

The A. Shop


Where to find MiLi Philippines products

Where to find MiLi Philippines products

Go grab your iPhone case / battery or iPhone accessories from MiLi Philippines!

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MiLi Philippines Facebook page
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