One of my favorite speakers during the recently held Internet Marketing Boot Camp (IM-BC) was Mr. John Stauffer. John Stauffer is the Regional Digital Strategist with the 360 degree Digital Influence Group at Ogilvy. In his job, he has made compelling social media strategies for the likes of IBM and Ford.

Here are some of the interesting points that I have learned from John Stauffer at the Internet Marketing Boot Camp:
1) The digital “shelf space” is your front page.
2) In the Philippines, 10/10 of the most popular site are all social networking sites
3) “Social networks are changing how brands and organizations build strong, enduring relationships with customers and constituents.”
4) To build successful B2B relationships, you need to remember two things:

a. Everyday engagement with your customers is crucial. You have to check and reply to all their inquiries, create polls, have ongoing discussions and create other platforms that would encourage interaction.

b. Create remarkable experiences that compel them to share, recommend and even purchase goods and services. You can have prizes to be given out, create brand events and have special occasions.

John Stauffer also gave out some tips on how to use Twitter in the Integrated Marketing Boot Camp. The strategic approach to using twitter is to “follow-create-engage”. There are many uses for Twitter, according to John Stauffer. It can be used for customer service, product promotion, manage and respond to crisis and for event activation.

All in all, it was a pretty interesting talk. I would love to hear more from John Stauffer. He’s definitely a keeper for the next Internet Marketing Boot Camp.

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  1. jomar

    Ginger? Actually, I'm looking for someone like an OIC, but you know how much a VA makes right ? I gave that data in my talk (w/c you have not featured! hint) What are you busy with anyway? Send me your jpg ang I'll edit it.

    • ginger

      Wait lang!! :) super dami ko pa ginagawa! haha :) May opening ka ba? Can I be your OIC na VA and assistant mo nalang… haha!


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