We have a new Philippine President!

First of all, Manila Blogs (Manila Reviews, Manila Shopaholic, Manila Mommy and Manila Fitness) would like to Congratulate our 15th President of the Philippines, President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

And with this, we are celebrating it by buying a Noynoy watch souvenir, a wristwatch. We bought this from My Watch at the second floor, Power Plant Mall in Rockwell. The little stall is near National Bookstore.

My Watch noynoy watch

Okay, so it’s not really a Noynoy watch with his face on it. The My Watch watch that we bought had a yellow ribbon on it. I guess it stands for the all of the Aquinos from Ninoy Aquino to Cory Aquino and now, to Noynoy Aquino. He did mention that it will still be his logo and emblem.

My Watch Philippine Flag

My Watch Philippines

My Watch Philippine Flag White

I had a great time looking at the watches of My Watch at Rockwell since it had so many designs that were so nationalistic. One had the map of the Philippines and the other one had the sun and the red and blue color of the Philipine flag.

My Watch More Shelter

My Watch No Corruption

My Watch Better Education

It had even these watches with a “No Corruption”, “More Shelter”, “Better Education”, “No Violence” and “Less Poverty” text written on the face of the watch.

All the watches of My Watch had a box that came along with it. The Noynoy watch or the yellow ribbon watch that we bought had a yellow rubber strap that sold for Php 2,500. The plastic My Watch were sold at Php 1,500 per watch.

Do check it out!

Product feature:
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Contact Details:
My Watch
2nd Floor Power Plant Mall
Tel. No.: 09198374328

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