Manila Reviews and Manila Shopaholic attended the Internet Marketing Boot Camp (IMBC) at the Dusit Hotel in Makati City. The event was organized by the Internet Marketing Maven Co., which is composed of Mr. Anton Diaz (the renowed man behind “Our Awesome Planet“), Mr. Randy Manoloto (founder and President of MyUSmailbox Corp.) and Mr. Larry Gamboa (Author of “Think Rich Pinoy”).

It was the first day of the Internet Marketing Boot Camp and this day proved to be very fulfilling. The things discussed were both useful in my personal life as a blogger and in my professional life as a banker. The first speaker was Mr. Bo Sanchez. I didn’t want to be late. We got to the Internet Marketing Boot Camp just in time. The events place that they rented at Dusit Hotel in Makati was quite full. Around 130 marketing professionals were there to share and exchange knowledge about internet marketing.

Even before the Internet Marketing Boot Camp. we were fans of his work. I have read some of his books and the Manila Shopaholic girl has subscribed to receive Bo Sanchez’s newsletters from his site The three things that I learned from this idol of ours is that: one, when you give, you will receive so much more. That led us to think about the goal of Manila Blogs Family’s group of blogs. Although, relatively new to this industry, we as a family had set different goals for our various websites, and all of these have the end goal of helping Filipinos in different ways. We hope that we do get to help them in our own little way.

The next lesson I have learned from the speech of Bo Sanchez in this Internet Marketing Boot Camp is that it is not bad to wish to earn more. Why is this so? This is because when man earns more, you can love more! Hmmm, I hope I get a hefty paycheck soon so I can love more! But kidding aside, I think this is true. When our basic needs and wants are satisfied, we can think more about other people. The third thing I learned is that we should all be an “answered prayer” to all those who are crying for help.

With these three lessons, I know that if we do all of these things and have them at the back of our minds when we “market” or make “marketing strategies and plans”, we will achieve so many followers and people who believe in our cause. One thing struck me in Bo Sanchez’ talk. He said “Marketing is Relationship, because life and business is based on relationship”. I definitely agree that we should all be relationship experts if we are to be good marketing professionals.

First Speaker of the Internet Marketing Boot Camp (Dusit Hotel, Makati): Bo Sanchez

You can check out all his sites:
He also has a talk “the Feast” every Thursday at the PICC.

Internet Marketing Boot Camp Speaker 2: to be continued…

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  1. Laurie

    Hi Ginger. I only got to discover your site today because i am searching for cafe juanita's blog and i find you site really informative. CONGRATULATIONS to you for setting up a great webpage! i'll be visiting every now & then :)
    Btw, i'm also a regular attendee of the Feast PICC it's not every Thursday but every Sunday. I've learned a lot from Bro. Bo not only on business side but every aspect of life. it is a total sunday worship with the Lord.


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