This is just a quick post! This is officially my favorite muffin right now. Have you tried the Banana Blueberry Muffin at Starbucks?

When you get to have your first look at the muffin, you will notice that it looks like it has two layers. The bottom portion is a bit dark while the portion on top is light. That is because the bottom layer is the banana flavored portion while the one on top is the blueberry portion. It really looks very interesting so kuddos to its presentation!

Starbucks Banana and Blueberry Muffin

Starbucks Banana and Blueberry Muffine

The banana portion tastes like banana cake. You can distinctly taste the banana flavor. The blueberry part is a vanilla layer with blueberry mixture. Together, you would think it would clash, but it really is quite interesting. The texture of the banana bread mixed with the blueberry portion was good.

If you haven’t tried it, drop by the nearest Starbucks branch! c”,)

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