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Everyone needs motivation and help to achieve their fitness goal, may it be an ideal body, kicking out a bad habit or achieving a healthy lifestyle. We know that it is hard, and we need the support of others who are undergoing the same challenges as we are. We know that we can learn from them, since they have experienced it or are actually in the same boat as we are.

Manila Reviews and Manila Fitness is here to provide that platform. We have added the Fitness Inspirations Tab in (click here) that will provide a venue for you to share your past experiences, fitness/nutrition/wellness stories, or even fitness quotes so that others may use these to be motivated to achieve their goal.

As an addition to this, for the Manila Fitness 2010 June Fitness Month, we are launching another promo for this month of June (NOW until June 30).

Manila reviews and fitness promo

For a chance to win the Yoga Mat Towel:
1. Search for Manila Reviews facebook account and invite it as a friend. Go to the Manila Reviews (Group) and Manila Fitness (Group) in Facebook the click on “Like”.
2. Go to’s Fitness Inspirations Tab and add a fitness quote, motivational words or even fitness goal stories to inspire others to stay on track towards achieving their fitness goals.
3. Go to Contact Us page and leave the the following:
a. Your Complete Name
b. Your Email Address
c. Subject: Fitness month promo
d. Message portion: An empowering statement. hehe! (e.g. I am a sexy, beautiful writer! or I am an awesome basketball player!)

So very simple right! We will be raffling of the Yoga Mat Towel on July 1, 2010. Hurry now and join! c”,).

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