As promised, we will be scouting around town for what we think are the best breads.

A local favorite because it is cheap and delicious is the Cheese Streusel and the Choco Bread from Julie’s bakeshop.

Julie's Bakeshop Choco Bread | Manila Reviews

Choco Bread

Julie's Bakeshop Cheese Bread | Manila Reviews

Cheese Streusel

Each piece is priced at Php 5.00. Be sure though to eat it while it’s hot. The bread is softer and more delicious when it’s hot. The bread also has a lot of crumbs. This is a good buy for people on the go who are on a budget.

BreadTalk Floss Breads

This is my favorite floss bread! They started before to make just the pork floss bread, but now they already have different variants of this bread. Aside from the Pork floss, I love the cheese floss.


BreadTalk Pork Floss

What I love about this bread is that even if you keep it in the fridge, reheat it, it will still have the same soft bread and that delightful salty yet creamy flavor.

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5 Responses

  1. u8mypinkcookies

    Fortune Bakeshop's mongo or ube ensaymada is good too.. and the spanish bread!! :D we used to buy cake rolls from there too and it's not bad ha!

    • ej

      wow, mukhang fortune bakeshop has a lot of good breads ah, not just spanish bread! mafranchise nga. haha!


    yay i love breadtalk esp the pizza bread! loveit! btw, have u tried fortune's round bread tapos may cheese sa itaas. it looks like ensaymada pro malaki sya. sarap din!

    • ej

      @dyanie12: yeah! sarap nga rin daw yun! delifrance has a similar tasting bread din. :)

  3. mike

    if you are in the makati area, go to pasong tamo near shopwise, there is a little bakeshop, called LEAH Bake house. BEST GIANT SPANISH BREAD


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