“Flook – noun: a stroke of luck” was written at this restaurant’s glass panel. Lucky indeed that we have tried these recipes from one’s home.

Fluke signage

Fluke at A-Venue

It was 2:00 pm and we were starving like crazy. We came across this restaurant at the A-Venue and seeing the minimalist black and white decorations, I was called inside.
Fluke Restaurant at A-Venue

We had to order right away. We chose the Chicken Lollipops as our appetizer from the Picas section of the menu. It was one of the best sellers. They marked the best sellers in the menu with a clover leaf. This is one of the best chicken lollipops I have ever tasted. The chicken lollipops were served in a white dish with Japanese dip. The lollipops were crunchy, as crunchy as the lollipops at Pho bac, which I also love. Their lollipops here though were not as meaty as those in the latter, so Fluke can improve on this. The sauce was sweet and lemony or orangy in taste. We would definitely recommend this as an appetizer.

Fluke's Chicken Lollipop

Fluke's Chicken Lollipop (Php 155)

We then had our main course. By the way, they have a Mongolian buffet on Saturdays. We didn’t get to try this though.

I ordered the Chicken Tutong Flakes. These are flakes of chicken deep fried until crunchy. It was okay. It was actually like chicken floss served with your choice of rice (plain, garlic, buttered) and egg. It goes well with vinegar.

Fluke Tutong Flakes Chicken

Fluke Tutong Flakes Chicken (Php 210)

The dish that impressed us was the Beef Salpicao. The beef was so juicy and tender! It was flavorful and had just the right amount of garlic. It was served with vegetables and your choice of rice. We would come back for this dish in particular.

Fluke's Beef Salpicao

Fluke's Beef Salpicao (Php 255)

After our filling meal, we ordered the three recommended Miniatures Bakeshop desserts that they had: the Eclairs, Cream Puffs and Profiteroles.

The Eclairs were puffs that were topped with chocolate. A platter of 6 bite-size pieces were at Php 60. The outer covering of the puff was a bit hard and when you bite on it, you will find a cold creamy filling. The filling was what made the dessert good. A+ though for presentation.

Fluke's Eclairs

Fluke's Eclairs (Php 60)

I loved the Cream Puffs. The cream puffs were actually made of the same outer covering of that of the eclairs (I assume it was the same recipe). It also had a delicious cream filling inside, but it had an outer covering of hardened caramelized sugar. This caramelized sugar coated the top portion of the puff with the cream peeking out. I liked this the best because I love drama in my food. It was like opening a little surprise every time you bite into one cream puff. The dessert wasn’t too sweet that one can finish the entire plate and still crave for more!

Fluke's Cream Puffs

Fluke's Cream Puffs (Php 60)

Ej’s favorite were the Profiteroles. These were creamy decadent chocolate filled puffs topped with whipped cream. The outer covering was soft not like the last two desserts that I mentioned. It has chocolate syrup as well, together with the whipped cream. Kuddos to the dish’s presentation. It looked like three little scoops of double dutch ice cream.

Fluke's Profiteroles

Fluke's Profiteroles (Php 60)

We also loved the service. The servers were very enthusiastic and attentive. We would definitely come back for more of these great dishes and desserts!

Contact Details:
Ground Level, Antel Lifestyle City
Makati Avenue corner General Luna Street
Tel. No.: 7280857

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