With the so many talented bakers in the Philippines, you have to have a unique concept for your cakes to stand out or for your products to be noticed. A really delicious product would also be successful just because of word of mouth. You’d be lucky if you have both – a unique concept and delicious goodies! Candy Cakes has both.

Candy Cakes

Candy Cakes offers cakes which is inspired by different chocolate or candy bars. They have a Reese’s inspired cake called Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate cake. They have a Smore’s Cheesecake and a Snickers Cake. They have a Ferrero Tart and Twix Bars. So you get the idea?

What we tried is the Almond Joy mini cake at Php 160 (Large cakes, 8 inches, are at Php 900 each).

Candy Cakes Almond Joy 00003

Candy Cakes Almond Joy

Candy Cakes Almond Joy 00002

The layers of the coconut cake and coconut almond macaroons is delicious. I love the texture with the unique taste of coconut. Chocolate ganache is in between these to layers, which is of the right amount, not too sweet. The cake was also covered with smooth chocolate buttercream. This cake is a must try!

So if you want to try unique flavored cakes, try the candy flavored cakes at Candy Cakes!

Contact details:
Candy Cakes
Tel. No.: 9114637
Mobile No.: 09178435879

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11 Responses

  1. Manila Reviews

    Hi u8mypinkcookies!

    Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll try that in Banapple one of these days. Did they do something about the volume of cars in front of the new store? When we pass katipunan, it’s always traffic in that area. :(

  2. u8mypinkcookies

    ooh kinda far pala from me :P

    anyway, for thos who love Reese’s and peanut butter pies, try Banapple’s Myster-Reese’s Wicked Pie– it’s sinfully GOOD! :D

  3. Yummy Cakes

    i think they have a stall at the Village Choice office in Katipunan Extension. its the building where Feet 4 Us is located.

  4. Candy Cakes

    Thanks! :) we're located at the village choice office, unit 2 marmico bldg, 223 Katipunan ave ext., QC :)

  5. fluffy butter

    I love how each cake has its own distinct personality! And they look soooo cute.

    Do they have a store somewhere?

    • mon

      they've got a coffee shop in katipunan extension (its worth it since they also serve candy coffee to go with my candy cake!)

    • Yummy Cakes

      they have a stall at the Village Choice office along Katipunan Extension. the bldg where Feet 4 Us is located.


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