I came to Canteen + Trilogy Boutique one Thursday afternoon with a bunch of friends. The restaurant is at Rada Street, inside a new building. It’s hard to miss Trilogy’s hip display window and right inside it is Canteen.

Canteen is run by Chef Fernando Aracama of UVA (one of the founding restos during Greenbelt’s rebirth). The byline says it all, Simple + Good Food. Well I really wouldn’t call it simple, I had an apple braised pulled pork sandwich for lunch and it was heavy and filling and really really good! I made a mental note to tell about the sandwich to my Dad who loves good sandwiches. Sweet potato chips completed the dish.

apple braised pulled pork + sesame seed bun + sweet potato chips

My hubby ordered the fish and potato chowder (Php 95) which was hearty. I think a good chowder always makes one feel warm and fuzzy and this one delivered.

seafood chowder | canteen @ trilogy

For his main course, he ordered beer braised beef and rice. It was just ok. The combination of beer and the stew may be a novelty but it just didn’t seem right for me. The hubby and one of our friends who ordered the same thing enjoyed it though. I mean c’mon beef and beer and rice in one plate??

One of our friends, Alan shared his thoughts on our lunch that day.

Alan ordered the Fish & Tofu + Red Curry Sauce + Rice (Php 180). He says: “I loved the curry. I was hesitant to order this one because some tofu variants have this after taste. If you’re on a diet, this is the meal to order.”

fish and tofu + red curry sauce + rice

Chicken + Basil + Green Curry + Rice (Php 195) From Alan: “This tasted better. I found it a bit weird at first because of the eggplant, but it was surprisingly “bagay”. This is a little more spicy than what I ordered but it’s tolerable.”

chicken + basil + green curry + rice

One of our friends ordered the Beer Battered Fish + Handcut Fries (Php195) It’s fish and chips done good. Nothing special about it though but it’s a good dish to have.

beer battered fish + handcut fries

The one thing that would make me come back to this place and probably bring along a friend or two is this, Fernando’s Famous Choc NOT ice cream (yep it’s spelled that way) (Php 80). Huge scoops of creamy chocnut ice cream for 80 pesos???? I will come back everyday if I can and if my hips would allow me. Alan even said that it’s better than Selecta’s version.

fernando aracama's choc NOT ice cream

All in all, Canteen was a great experience. However, for a regular lunch it can be a bit pricey. A regular meal of soup, main course and soda could cost you at least 300 pesos. However, I would definitely go back to try more of their sandwiches. The one thing that’s surely going to make the trip back worthwhile is the choc NOT ice cream.

canteen at trilogy boutique

Canteen at Trilogy
110 Rada Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City
Tel: 338.28.91
Web: http://simplegoodfood.wordpress.com/

Every weekend is 80’s brunch at Canteen

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