Love Handles Exercises And Prevention

While you start with your training program, one thing you might focus more is love handles!

Well, thick layers of fat on the abdomen and flabby stomach skin are something that is very common before and after weight loss.

Firming your stomach can be a difficult job; however, utilizing the right kind of techniques can greatly help you with purpose conveniently!

love handlesBasically, when you supply excess calories and fat to your body, it utilizes the needed fat and stores the rest in areas like waist, thighs, butts etc.

It is for this reason, targeting the particular areas, specifically your stomach, becomes important when you start with your fitness regime.

Luckily, thick deposits of fat encompassing your waistline can be dealt with some proven activities and exercises very effectively.

But before I start with these, one thing you need to keep in mind is that following a low calorie diet along with your fitness regime is very important to ensure you receive favorable results.

Reason for this lies in the fact that the exercises will chiefly work to strengthen the muscle tissues encompassing your abdominal area whereas a good diet that is low in calories will greatly work to melt away the thick layers of fat surrounding that particular region.

With this, you will be able to slim down and stretch back the flabby skin on your tummy, successfully.

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cyclingIf you are serious about slimming your waist, then bicycle is one crucial and significant exercise that needs to be added in your workout. The approach simply targets your oblique muscle tissues. Basically, constant hovering of legs over the ground tends to move the stress from one side to another; thus, continuous contraction caused by the exercise enables your stomach to flatten up. However, if you wish to keep greatest tension on the tissues of your oblique muscle, then do not forget to go slow during the exercise.


Prone ball side roll-in is another good approach that is proven to firm belly. Just bend yourself on the ball, positioning the belly on it. Slowly and gradually, rotate the ball from the right side to the left side, while maintaining your balance. This pressing of ball will exert stress on the oblique muscles, enabling your stomach to get firmer.


twistingIf you want to target the oblique muscle groups, then adding decline twisting sit-ups in the program will greatly benefit you. Remember, when it comes to love handles, these are more useful than the usual sit ups. Besides, you can also consider using a hula hoop for the flattening of stomach as apart from the fun element, using a hula hoop can greatly help you tone up your belly in a matter of weeks.

So, there are some exercises that can help you get rid of the love handles for sure. Apart from the exercises, certain amendments in your lifestyle can greatly help you overcome the concern and prevent love handles. So, what are these useful pieces tips; get to know below:


Remember, stress is a contributor to weight gain for it makes your body produce cortisol. Apart from other problems cortisol is known to cause, this hormone makes your body accumulate more fat, particularly around the belly. So, to prevent yourself from forming love handles, you must simply avoid situations that can make you stressed.


water intakeKeeping your body fully hydrated is very important as dehydration can also work to make it stress. Plus, people who take more water are likely to have a faster metabolism as compared to the ones who take less water. As known, an active metabolism helps to get rid of the excess body fat more regularly, so the less fat your body is left with, the less it will have to store in your belly.


This too, results in producing more cortisol in the body. It is therefore recommended to take proper sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours a day. Poor quality sleep often results in making you feel stress, which is the main contributor of weight gain!


eatingRemember, eating less is better than skipping meals. This includes the likelihood of gaining weight. Consuming your meals, regularly and on time is one good way to avoid blood sugar spike. The regular occurrence of this can result in fat accumulation around your waist. Plus, taking meals from time to time keeps your metabolism running and active.

So, these were some important tips proven to avert love handles. However, if you wish to lose fat from your overall body, then you must consider using PhenQ for the purpose! PhenQ is not just an effective weight loss agent, but a formula that safely works to cut the excess pounds speedily!

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