Healthy Diet Tips from Around the World

healthy foods around the world

The fact that there are different regions across the world brings forward a lot of diversity. The diversification can be felt in the cuisines as every region devours their own regional food.

Just like having separate cuisines and plans, all of these regions have different diets as well.

The diets of these very diverse regions will be discussed through the course of this article.

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1. The Copenhagen diet:

denmark diet

Denmark is famous for a diet named after its capital Copenhagen. The diet requires individuals to refrain from consuming any one of sugar, alcohol or grains; though you can consume coffee, lettuce, spinach and eggs.

All the foods that are high on fat should be eliminated from your intake. Results have shown that people have lost as much as 26 pounds within 13 days of this diet plan!

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2. There is a lot more to Canada other than Bacon and Syrup:

fish and soup in canadian diet

Canadians follow a very strict diet plan which makes them consume cereals in the morning, followed by soup for lunch with fish in the dinner.

The diet is a very low fat one and the usage of fish for dinner means that the required proteins are also being provided.

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3. Japans long lasting love story with bananas:

japanese diet with banana

Just recently the demand for bananas jumped up due to a revelation by a Japanese that his wife lost 40 pounds just by taking one banana with a glass of water during the morning.

This is just one of the few diets that Japanese indulge in which consists of bananas. Japanese are fond of eating fruits and healthy foods which do not include fats.

4. Indians practice selective eating:

indian vegetable rice diet

India is known across the world for its very low obesity rate. The reason behind this can be the fact that Indians are very selective when it comes to devouring or eating foods.

They choose a very low fat diet which consists of vegetables and rice that does not exceed more than 1200 calories per day. The diet does not compromise in taste though, as the vegetables are very tasty.

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5. Thailand Loves Spices:

thai spice diet

One thing that Thai people love is spices. People living in Thailand are very fond of spices in their food. Locals believe that the spices not only add taste but also restrict you from eating more than what you need to remain healthy.

This can be because with spices people eat slowly, so your brain has the desired time to send a signal when you should stop.

6. France fakes eating:

french people diets

French people have always been known as being extremely cunning. As part of this trait the French have a diet plan which is called as air eating.

The French fake their mind into believing that they are eating while they are just taking gulps of air. This diet plan does bring along fatigue but is very effective.

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7. Indonesians Fast:

indonesian fasting diet

The Indonesians have a very effective and religious way to bring forth dieting. Considering the fact that most of the Indonesian population is muslim, most of the people indulge in the holy practice of fasting.

During fasting they refrain from eating or drinking anything from dawn to dusk.

8. Kangaroo meat in Australia:

kangaro diets in australia

Kangaroos are perhaps Australia’s most loved animals, both when they are alive, and after they are dead. Kangaroo meat is eaten with a lot of interest and love in Australia.

The meat itself is low on fats and comes across as a very healthy alternative to other forms of meat. Furthermore, it is tasty and offers a lot of nutrition.

9. The Muesli breakfast:

museli breakfast in switzerland

There is a lot more to Switzerland than just beauty, Alps and Roger Federer. The Swiss are very careful when it comes to diet and only consume very healthy and safe diets.

The Muesli is made up of fresh apples that are grated and flour. It also has fresh oats and wheat. Muesli is mostly eaten in breakfast to maximize the benefit.

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10. Srilanka is the home of cinnamon:

cinnamon sri lanka diet

Srilankans is local to the spice known as cinnamon. Cinnamon is considered to be very beneficial for the body. It has a very rich history and a rich taste.

The cinnamon cannot only help you lose weight but decreases memory loss as well. Srilankans use Cinnamon in almost every dish to get full benefit.

11. The Sweden Caveman diet:

Sweden Caveman diet

Sweden has been known for constantly sticking to their roots. As part of this, the Swedish have come up with a very caveman like diet plan which saves them from the hassle of gaining extra weight.

The diet requires them to consume food like ancient cavemen did. The food includes raw meat, green vegetables and many other dishes without the savory modern additions of sugar and flavors.

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