10 reasons to eat dark chocolate everyday

eat dark chocolates

Building the perfect balance between foods with good taste and foods which are healthy for your body can be a difficult task in the world today. With lots of innovations in food and desserts taking place daily, a variety of different foods has been invented which can take the toll on your body.

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One of the tastiest and sweetest forms of edibles is chocolate. While chocolate can be of two types, namely dark chocolate and milk chocolate, it is the latter which has the better taste.

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Besides being tasty milk chocolate can be heavy and can induce a lot of fats thus it is not the best item to have in your diet.

In contrary to milk chocolate, the dark chocolate is made up of 70 percent cocoa which is what basically makes it a very healthy addition to your diet list.

Dark Chocolate contains a large amount of healthy nutrients like grated cocoa, lecithin and vanilla. Besides this, it is found to be full of Calcium, Vitamins, and Phosphorus.

All of these ingredients have been proven to be very good for the body.

Dark Chocolate is sugar-free and is a good alternative for people who love chocolate but want to remain safe from the threat of Diabetes.

It does contain some calories but the gain in calories can be compensated by the numerous other benefits that dark chocolate has.

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Ten of the most important reasons why you should make sure to consume dark chocolate daily are.

1. Is effective for memory loss:

phenq increase memory

A lot of individuals suffer from memory loss. Dark chocolate counters the effects of memory loss by providing the consumer with an input that reduces any such symptom.

2. Fights Free Radicals:

To understand the concept of free Radicals it is best to have a look back at the old high school chemistry book.

Free radicals can be very risky for the body and can have a lasting effect by accumulating with age. Dark chocolate fights of the effects of free radicals by providing the body with anti-oxidants.

3. Prevents heart diseases:

chocolate prevent diseases

Anyone with a heart disease will narrate you the pain and the suffering that a severe heart disease contains. Many heart diseases can be life taking as well and it is best to stop them at the very start by consuming dark chocolate.

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4. Lowers the risk of stroke:

The risk of stroke increases with the aging of a person; the risk can be averted by consuming or using dark chocolate. By consuming dark chocolate both the risk of heart diseases and a stroke is limited. The usage of dark chocolate is thus recommended by many doctors as well in this regard.

5. Raises the amount of good cholesterol:

cholestrol in chocolate

Our body is believed to have two kinds of different cholesterols. While cholesterol in extensive amounts is not beneficial for the body at all but the use or consumption of dark chocolate greatly improves the amount of good cholesterols present in the body.

The cholesterol that blocks the arteries and effects blood flow is not the one produced by dark chocolate.

6. Lowers blood pressure:

High blood pressure is a rapidly increasing disease. High blood pressure if not taken care of can result in the start of even more problems within the body.

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Doctors and nutritionists believe that dark chocolate helps in bringing back the blood pressure to normal levels by reducing the pressure.

This can spell an end to problems related to high blood pressure, for sure.

7. Improves your Vision:

chocolate improves eye sight

Vision is one of the best gifts of God and should be taken care of at all times. With the advent of the smartphones and tablets and other very bright technological instruments, there have been increasing cases of deteriorating vision.

Eating dark chocolate is a very simple and effective remedy for improving your vision.

8. Boosts mood:

A bar of cocoa or chocolate since ages has been believed to provide you with unmatchable pleasure.

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Milk chocolate has always been associated with pleasure but research off late has found dark chocolate as a very good way to boost your mood.

9. Prevents cancer:

prevent cancer

Like the plague was for the ancient people, cancer is for us. There have been countless studies on cancer and research on how to limit or restrict it but cancer is still one of fatal diseases.

Doctors are of the view that instead of waiting late, one should keep taking ingredients like dark chocolates that reduce the risk of cancer.

10. Increases lifespan:

Regardless of your ideas or your thoughts, everyone in this world would like to somehow live long and healthy.

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Dark chocolate makes this dream a reality as researchers have recently proven that it can indeed increase your life span.

So, you still looking for a reason to eat dark chocolate?

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