Gong Cha 00006

Gong Cha

This happens to be our new craving at the office. Every lunchtime, my unit always plans to go to SM Megamall to buy Gong Cha Milk Tea, but unfortunately, plans remain as 'plans' for all of us. We have lazy butts. It's a good thing my family is not that lazy. As you can tell by the pictures below, we had a happy time purchasing Gong Cha.
Saint's Alp 00002

Saint’s Alp: Another Place for Milk Tea

I don't know but no matter how ubiquitous milk tea places are, I still am craving for a glass of pearl milk tea. One rainy Sunday afternoon, my friends and I had a meeting, so we decided to have a light snack in Katipunan. There is this new building in Katipunan called Regis center. It is right across Ateneo. We had our meeting in one of the stores on the second floor. The place was called Saint's Alp. It was another one of those shops that sell various kind of tea, from freshly prepared tea to specialty milk tea. Saint's Alp is a brand from Hong Kong. It was founded in 1994 and was the first leisure teahouse to introduce Taiwanese bubble tea in Hong Kong. Saint's Alp's first branch in the Philippines is this store. They also opened one at the Fort just last weekend.
Cha Dao 00002

Cha Dao Tea Place

I'm sorry for being delinquent on lagging on my posts for Manila Reviews. I have been so harassed lately doing projects for my day job. I have been so tired and zapped out of life lately. Don't worry, I still have a lot of reviews that I would like to share with you, one of which was a milk tea or bubble tea place again in the metro. It's called Cha Dao (Cha means Tea and Dao comes from "Daoism/Taoism" which is a Chinese Philosophy), "The Way of Tea".
Chatime 007

Chatime: Good Tea Good Time

I'm surprised by how many tea / milk tea options are now available in Metro Manila. It's good, though, for tea lovers like me since we have more choices. I was particularly happy when Chatime opened a little store in Robinsons Galleria, near my office. In the Ortigas area, as far as I know, I don't think we have a place to go for bubble tea. This would make Chatime the most convenient one to visit in Ortigas.
Happy Lemon 00007

Happy Lemon (Promenade, Greenhills)

Lately, there have been a lot of new little tea bars that are starting to cater to people who appreciate tea a little bit more than coffee. One of the newest is Happy Lemon in Promenade, Greenhills (where the ground floor of Fully Booked used to be). It adds a unique twist to the Manila milk tea scene!