Me & My Pet Cosplay

Me & My Pet Cosplay

Every time I see Cosplayers, I am amazed and impressed at how they create props, at how tedious they do their makeup, at how they really spend for their costumes. I look up to them for all the effort and the hardwork. We, at Manila Reviews, believe in honing each one's talent. We know that helping build creativity is important. With this we always appreciate invitations to be media sponsors for events related to featuring the Filipino talent and would be glad to feature local artists. This is a really cute event that we wanted to participate in promoting. It's called Me and My Pet Cosplay.

Blogging Workshop with Anton Diaz: Earn from Blogging

I recently wrote an article about being a full time employee and a part blogger. I'm sure any blogger with that passion and desire for writing and sharing experiences, would at one point in their lives, think of going 'full time' with it. It is so hard though to make the decision --- the "jump", since earning form it isn't something that you can be sure about... or can it be?

Merry Christmas to Everyone from Manila Reviews!

Every year, during the Christmas season, we are given the chance to thank those people who have made our lives brighter. Looking back, we remember the first time we thought of Manila Reviews. It was when a friend tweeted that she wanted to go abroad to find a better life. With each post, we want to prove that this is not true. The Philippines can also give each of us a unique and fulfilling lifestyle. It has been a great year for Manila Reviews with more and more new readers and supporters each day. We have all of you to thank for making us one of the top Lifestyle sites in the country.